Homemade Bread


Wheat flour / Flour - 450 g

Water (room temperature) - 350 ml

Salt - 1 tsp.

Yeast (dry) - 1 tsp.

Cooking Time: 20 minutes


So, let's begin. Here are all the ingredients we need.

I like to knead the dough overnight and then bake it in the morning. It's late in the evening, the kids are asleep and no one will distract me.

We sift the flour, mix it with the yeast. We dissolve the salt in water. Make a hole in the flour, pour water in, and knead the dough. It will be a bit sticky, sticking to your hands. There is no need to add more flour!

In a bowl, dust it lightly with flour, put the dough in it, and cover it with a towel. You can't put a lid on the dough, much less a cling film over it! The dough should breathe. We put our dough in a warm place (I put it by the radiator) for 12 hours. You can bake a little earlier, you can bake a little later. The main thing is to let the dough rise for no more than 24 hours.

And now it's morning. Here is our dough.

Preheat the oven to 250 degrees.

The table is covered with flour. The dough should be kneaded a little, then shape it into whatever shape your imagination tells you. I made something like a loaf.

Do not be confused by the dry crust, which was formed overnight. It disappears after baking.

Let's make shallow notches in our future loaf. Sprinkle flour on top. You can let the bread rise a little, about 15-20 minutes.

At the bottom of the oven put a container with water. Bake for 40-50 minutes until golden crust.

Let's put the bread on a rack, cover it with a towel and let it cool. I'll be honest, this is the hardest part for me. You always want to break off the hot crust!

Now we enjoy it.... Very tasty airy bread, crispy crust....

                  Bon appetit!


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