Homemade marshmallows in white chocolate. Tastes better than ice cream!

1.The first thing from any berry (and even apples, apricots, etc.) we make a puree. Warm it in a saucepan, and then beat it with a blender (to avoid seeds, I also rubbed the puree through a sieve). In part of the sugar (100 g) add pectin, stir and enter into the puree. Warm for about a minute, let the sugar dissolve. Then cool well.


2. The second part is the sugar syrup. The remaining sugar (200 g) mix with agar-agar and water. We bring it to a boil, to be exact, up to 101 degrees, and boil it down to office glue. At the same time, in the mixer bowl (on the highest speed) whip the cooled blueberry puree with one egg white.


3. Syrup is ready, we introduce a thin stream into the puree. Do not stop beating. The mass will increase, becomes malleable and the color from blueberries is great. Next, we work quickly, the mass is transferred to a pastry bag for convenience. We grease silicone molds for ice cream with vegetable oil and distribute the whipped marshmallow.


4.Leave the molds in a dry place for an hour, let the mass stabilize (a little flatten and dry out).


5. After an hour, we take the marshmallows out of the molds, spread them on parchment, and let them dry for 6 more hours. All the marshmallows in the form of ice cream made in white chocolate (melted chocolate and dipped marshmallows).


6. The dessert turns out very tasty, tender and incredibly beautiful. I tried to explain everything, so you are welcome to try and repeat!


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