Homemade popcorn in a frying pan

Homemade popcorn is a quick treat, guaranteed to be made without chemical additives and no doubt much cheaper than store-bought popcorn. And how to make popcorn at home, in a pan, will prompt this simple recipe.

Ingredients (for 3 servings) Corn kernels for popcorn - 0,5 cup Vegetable oil - 1 tbsp. Butter - 50 gr Fine salt - 0,25 tsp. or powdered sugar - to taste

Homemade popcorn in a pan will have to be cooked so that the corn kernels lie on the bottom of the pan in one layer, so measure the necessary number of kernels at once.

Now, for every half cup of corn, take the appropriate amount of vegetable and butter.

Melt the butter and set it aside for now.

Pour the vegetable oil into a frying pan, in which popcorn will be cooked, and heat it up. Put a few "control" kernels in the hot oil and make the fire a little higher than medium.

As soon as the kernels burst, remove the pan from the heat. Remove the cracked kernels.

Place the popcorn kernels in the skillet in a single layer. Shake the pan and place on the fire.

Be sure to cover the pan with a lid (good if it's glass). After a few minutes, the grains will start to burst, and then you will need to shake the pan every 30 seconds. The grains should heat up as evenly as possible.

When the "exploding" process will weaken (you will understand it by the sound - it will become less intense), take popcorn off the fire and let it stand for a minute.

Pour melted butter over the popcorn in the pan, stirring vigorously so that the butter is absorbed evenly into the popcorn. Sprinkle the homemade popcorn with a little salt (or powdered sugar, if you want the popcorn to be sweet).

Bon appetit!


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