Honesty, Currency, Hard Work is not in Vain

Honesty, currency, hard work is not in vain


A good justice story as a lesson to all that happened in a village in Thirumayam taluka in Sivagangai Seema district. The village is beautiful and scenic and there is no shortage of greenery. The families living in the village were enough to count off the finger. All the families lived with self-control and bound to the village. There were two families very important to talk about in the village. Everyone in that family will be intimate with each other. In both families. There were adult children. There were only primary schools in the village, so the children were less educated.


     If you want to read more, you must go to the nearest town. The children in the two families were male children one Ramu the other Sethu were both same age. Neither has a job. It is customary to leave the town clean and eat and sleep during the day. The two came around spending extravagant parental money. Both of them have reached the age of marriage .. The parents tried to get married but the marriage did not come to fruition due to lack of work. It was in this situation that Ramu came up with an idea. As he said the two invested equally and started the business. The industry was running somewhat.


At that time, due to the efforts of the parents, the marriage ended. Life was going smoothly and well at that moment a pleasant surprise awaited them both. It is nothing but the news that 1 crore prize has fallen for the lottery ticket they sold. The two immediately went to see their agent and showed him the lottery counter child they had and asked him how much commission he would get for this, and he said he would get ten lakh for this. The two immediately split the money received. The two parted ways due to resentment. After the split, Ramu left the lottery and started another business. Sethu only did the same lottery sale.


     Sethu did not listen to what Sethu's father-in-law said. Right away his father-in-law did not seem to listen to you so give me a small amount of the money you have, and I will buy my daughter a small house to own. Do whatever you want with the remaining amount, the father-in-law bought the house as he said. Both friends have two children, a boy, and a girl. The children attended a local school.


     Friend Ramu left the lottery business and started another business which was making more profit. Another friend, Sethu, was a big fan of the lottery business, taking a room in a high-end hotel and criticizing it. It was then that he developed many bad habits, such as smoking cigarettes, smoking cigarettes and having illicit relationships with many women. In the days to come Sethu made many mistakes and the money he had kept dissolving like salt dissolved in water. His other friend Ramu had made great strides in the business he was doing.

He has no bad habits and devotion to God is very important to him. Friend Sethu suffered heavy losses in the lottery business and the family was in dire straits due to lack of cash to run. He emptied all the money he had on hand. He found it very difficult to keep his children educated. He bought money from many unknown people and made them study. The only thing left for him in the end was the house his father-in-law had bought. The age of marriage for children is approaching. Sethu started seeing the groom for his daughter but asked for more money as dowry. They sold the last house they had no other choice and ended up marrying their daughter with that money.


     Sethu moved into a rented house after his daughter's wedding. He went to work for a meager salary at a nearby shop so that he would no longer have to pay rent and other expenses. But he did not receive any money. Some days there was even a difficult situation for food. On the other hand, his friend Ramu flew the flag just in the making business. He was also elected as the head of the village as he gained more trust from the people. Friend Sethu's life is still in trouble because of the consequences of his immorality. What is clear from the story of the two friends is that the one who has honesty, currency, hard work and discipline will progress and the one who misses these will be punished accordingly.







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