Honesty Is The Best Policy

Roselle was an orphan, her parents died in a car crash when she was only ten. When her parents died, no one was there to cater for her.

She arrived at her aunt's house and her aunt told her point blank that if she wanted to stay with her, (her aunt), then she would work as a house maid. Roselle, having no other option agreed.


Things went on well, until one day, her aunt's husband, i.e her uncle started molesting her sexually.

He even went on to tell her that he would spoil her with anything she wants.

Whenever her aunt wasn't around, he usually touched her in places she didn't like.

One day, he called her to his room, saying she should help him with something. On arriving there, she met him stark naked.

He forced her to lay on the bed and wanted to rape her. She struggled free from his grip and ran out of the room.


When her aunt came back, her uncle lied to her aunt that Roselle tried to seduce him.

Her aunt was furious and sent Roselle out that night, without even listening to her own side of the story.


Roselle was stranded and looked around for a job.

She found one. She was to work as a cleaner.

When she arrived, the other workers were giggling among themselves for reasons best known to them. She decided to mind her business.


They were all living in Mrs Williams, their madam's apartment. The names of Mrs Williams workers are; Damien, Erastus, Roselle and Sophie.

Damien, Erastus and Sophie usually hide some money, they don't deliver all the monies to their madam. While Roselle delivered all. This act made them dislike her.


One day, Damien was in a dire need of money and he stole some to see to his needs.

At home, there was a commotion as Mrs Williams discovered that some money was missing. She was furious.


"Who stole my money? The culprit had better confessed before it's too late."


"This is the first time money had ever went missing." Damien said. "I think it's Roselle's hand work because it happened of recent."


Roselle, who was accused tried defending herself.


"That's a lie. Ma'am, I swear I didn't steal any money. I wasn't taught to steal."


"But why is it that it's the first time it's happening. It hasn't been happening before." Erastus, one of the workers added.


All those while, Mrs Williams was quiet.


"You should stop accusing each other. When I catch the culprit, that person will regret ever coming into this world." With that, she dismissed them.


A week later, Sophie and Roselle were at loggerheads because whenever Sophie wanted to steal some food, Roselle always reported to Mrs Williams who trusted Roselle to the extent of she gave her the key to the restaurant. Roselle was also in charge of the money.


Some months later, Mrs Williams enrolled Roselle in a big school and Sophie was jealous because her madam liked Roselle more than any of them. 

For that reason, Sophie collaborated with Erastus and Damien so that they would put Roselle in a mess.


A whooping sum of money went missing and it was Roselle who had the key to the drawer where the money was kept.

Mrs williams ordered that the place be searched. Lo and behold, the money was found in Roselle's drawer. Mrs Williams was shocked, she couldn't believe that Roselle could do such a thing as that. Roselle herself was dumbstruck. Who could've done that to her? She knew it was a setup and she suspected Sophie.


Mrs Williams called the Police and Roselle was arrested for a crime she didn't commit.


"Why does bad things always happen to good people?" She asked herself repeatedly.


Three weeks later, Mrs Williams went to the police station and told them to release Roselle who was surprised to see Mrs Williams.


Mrs Williams told her that Damien confessed that he was the one who stole the money; he in collaboration with Erastus and Sophie, who was the chief culprit. They were all behind bars.


From then on, Mrs Williams took Roselle as a daughter.


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