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Honkai: Star Rail Web Event: Complete Guide to Getting Rewards


Starhoy Captains, assemble! The Honkai: Star Rail Web Event is here, offering a celestial cornucopia of rewards for savvy intergalactic travelers. From gleaming Stellar Jades to exclusive cosmetics and relics, this event is your ticket to enhancing your journey across the Astral Express. But navigating the event's celestial sea can be tricky. Worry not, for this guide shines like a supernova, illuminating the path to claiming your cosmic bounty!


1. Charting Your Course: Joining the Web Event


Step onto the Celestial Platform: Your first stop is the official Honkai: Star Rail Web Event website. Here, you'll find a gleaming interface detailing the event's challenges and rewards.


Set Your Sights: Explore the "Mission" tab to discover two types of celestial challenges:


Daily Missions: These fleeting meteors offer quick bursts of points, refreshing daily for eager starfarers.


Long-Term Missions: These celestial constellations require dedication, but their shimmering rewards are worth the long trek.


Embark on Your Voyage: Click "Join Now" to officially board the event and start accruing points. Remember, Captains, the event sails away on December 27th, 2023, so chart your course swiftly!


2. Navigating the Nebula: Strategies for Earning Stellar Jades


With the map unfurled, it's time to plot your course to riches! Here are some celestial maneuvers to maximize your Stellar Jades:


Become a Daily Star Hunter: Prioritize Daily Missions! These offer the quickest path to accumulating points, with a daily cap of 100 Jades for diligent adventurers.


Choose Your Constellations Wisely: Long-Term Missions boast higher point rewards, but require longer commitment. Pick missions that align with your gameplay style and available time.


Team Up Among the Stars: Joining forces with fellow Captains in Co-op modes can expedite mission completion and boost your collective Jades.


3. Claiming Your Treasures: A Galaxy of Gleaming Rewards


Your hard-earned points unlock a treasure trove of celestial bounties! Here's a glimpse of what awaits you:


Shimmering Cosmetics: Dazzle the cosmos with exclusive skins, back blings, and wraps for your Astral Express crew.


Potent Relics: Bolster your team's prowess with valuable Relics, enhancing their combat abilities and strategic options.


Glimmering Jades: Stock up on Stellar Jades, the universal currency of the Astral Express, for future in-game purchases and upgrades.


Remember, Captains, the event ends on December 27th, 2023. So, set sail boldly, conquer challenges, and claim your celestial rewards before the event fades into the interstellar expanse!


Beyond the Guide:


Official Honkai: Star Rail Web Event Website: https://www.hoyolab.com/article/15492538


Community Tips and Strategies: Check out Honkai: Star Rail forums and social media for additional insight from fellow Captains!


May your journey be prosperous, Starhoy Captains! Go forth and collect your bounty among the stars!


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