Hotel employee revealed ways to protect yourself when staying in a hotel

British Justin Aldrich (Justin Aldrich), who has worked in various hotels for more than seven years, revealed ways to protect themselves when staying in hotels. The hotelier shared his tips with The Insider.

He recommended tourists before checking into a room to check the room for serviceability of locks and the presence of unauthorized persons. "There are real scare stories about intruders hiding under beds in hotels until people go to bed. A quick check behind the curtains, under the bed and anywhere else someone might be hiding could potentially save you from danger," he said.

Aldrich also believes travelers should memorize their room number and not carry around a paper hotel card. "A lost key card insert will provide immediate information to the person who found it. But a random key with no identification is of no value," the expert explained.

In addition, the expert advised vacationers never to leave the door of the room unlocked from the inside by the lock or bolt, and for those who travel alone, recommended to get a small doorstop for extra security.

Earlier in August, a flight attendant told about ways to be safe when you are in the hotel. So, according to the flight attendant, when travelers check into a hotel, they should not say aloud the room number if other guests are standing nearby.


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