How and what to relieve nervous tension?

Nervous tension occurs in every third city dweller. The city bustle, constant traffic jams on the roads, crowds of people in the subway and public transport, dirty air causing a lack of oxygen, stress from work - all this causes a strong nervous tension, from which it is very difficult to get rid of on your own. But if you ignore such a condition, it will affect, after some time, not only on appearance but also on health.


When nervous tension significantly lowers performance, sleep deprivation, apathy and a constant sense of hopelessness that interferes with life. After a while, such a condition becomes chronic and already suffering hormonal background and immune system, that is, the body opens wide the door to various viruses and diseases. Hence there are permanent colds, cardiovascular diseases, etc. What to say about the appearance - fallen hair, bruises and bags under the eyes, a dull complexion?


The first signs of nervous tension:

- loss of activity and energy;

- a constant feeling of uneasiness;

- difficulty sleeping;

- irritability for no reason;

- aloofness.


If you feel that you, too, are growing nervous tension, start fighting it right now.


The easiest way to combat this condition is to run or do other sports. You can sign up for dancing, such as flamenco or bellidance. Any exercise will help you cope with stress and nervous tension, because any physical activity leads to an increase in endorphins, the hormones of joy and happiness. You've probably noticed more than once - you come to the gym in a bad mood, but as soon as you do some exercise, your mood immediately rises, the bad and heavy thoughts vanish somewhere.


Help relieve stress and meditation, which is now very popular among celebrities in show business.


Learn to relax and switch with ease from one thing to another. Look at the children who do not know the concept of "nervous tension," learn from them. After work, do not think about business all the time, as soon as you put on your slippers and a cozy bathrobe, think only about your comfort.


Distribute your weekends, do not "lock" at home on weekends alone, go somewhere to have fun with friends, talk to interesting people.


Get rid of nervous tension helps to eat right and take vitamins. Very often the fast food and other heavy unnatural foods can cause a lot of stress. The food should provide energy, but it should not depress the body and clutter it. Give up instant coffee and carbonated drinks, drink plenty of dairy products, kefir and water.

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