How are living people being chipped now

Over the past 10 years, we have become accustomed to taking the maximum from the surrounding objects. We use "smart" kettles, washing machines and lamps, we buy more and more sophisticated smartphones.


It has become commonplace for us that mobile Internet speed is comparable to home, and we are not surprised by wireless charging or NFC capabilities.


No progress has happened only with our body. But it turns out that modern technology allows you to upgrade it as well.

From an ordinary hand, you can make a "smart" hand, and turn the earlobe into a full-fledged control panel.


We will talk about chipping - a phenomenon that allows you to improve your body by implanting electronic circuits.

The essence of chipping is to save a person from having to carry all kinds of electronic accessories. So, many people use fitness bracelets or a smartphone to unlock car doors or a door lock.


Among the people thinking about chipping, there are many who are afraid of the "operation" itself. Yes, it is more logical to put this word in quotation marks, because the procedure cannot be called a surgical intervention


Six months ago, I decided to chip. I'm just tired of putting bags on the floor, looking for keys, aiming at the keyhole every time I come to the door of the office.


"Damn it, why not replace this dull ritual with a simple wave of the hand," I thought. So I decided to implant the chip.


Is the procedure painful? Not at all. If you ever had to do a piercing, it feels very similar. Just a few minutes, and the key to all the doors, a travel ticket and a couple dozen additional chips will remain in your hand forever. That's cool!

The procedure for implementing the chip was demonstrated back in 2015. Although the founder of Dangerous Things, which supplies products for chipping, assures that he implanted a chip for opening doors back in 2005.


Little has changed since then.

Such chips are called RFID chips or "radio frequency identification chips.

Chips with NFC tags and sensors are placed in a miniature glass capsule. Their size is no more than 1 centimeter. But, unlike a smartphone or a bracelet, such capsules cannot be lost or forgotten.


They become one with their owners. And the best part is that the chips do not need to be recharged. They've been working for years. All due to the fact that they consume energy and "wake up" only when an external device is turned.


Immediately after implantation, your hand receives several new functions:


you can unlock any lock by pre-programming the chip with a digital key

pass authorization in the gym, "punching" the subscription card to

pay for the trip

a microchip can be used as an identifier, replacing a passport to

send information to a smartphone with a simple touch of the hand

The scope of application of such a microchip is huge. The day is not far off when with their help it will be possible to pay at the supermarket and use payment systems of your choice.


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