How bad shoes affect our health

The foot is a highly complex anatomical-physiological system that affects the entire body. It performs the most complex functions: it supports the weight of the body when walking and running, absorbs shocks with every step, and pushes off before jumping. The health of the legs, spine, blood vessels and internal organs depends on how well the foot will function. To do its job properly for many years, it needs the right shoes.

1) Too hard, inflexible sole interferes with cushioning, and each step becomes a blow to the internal organs and intervertebral discs. The result is osteochondrosis, intervertebral hernia, pinched nerves (sciatica) and vessels.

2) Tight shoes impede blood circulation in the legs. This provokes stagnant circulation, chronic fatigue and swelling. And then venous dilation of the veins. Also tight shoes lead to deformation of the toes.

3) If the shoes rubbed, then over time can appear microcracks of cartilage tissue and neoplasms on the feet. Change the joints. Over the years, the likelihood of gout increases.

4) Unsuitable shoes provoke flat feet, curvature of the feet and misalignment in the musculoskeletal system. Many people don't even realize that poor quality shoes can be responsible for lower back, neck or knee pain.

5) Non-natural shoes do not ventilate the skin of the feet. It creates the perfect microclimate for infections inside. That means the fungus is right there.

Adults choosing shoes for themselves often focus on parameters such as: style, color, price, and then look at how useful for the foot will be the favorite model.

For example, everyone's favorite heels. When wearing these shoes, the foot is in an extension position. The plantar aponeurosis overstretches and leads to pain, cramps and even inflammation of the ligaments. The bone grows on top of it - a heel spur forms.

The foot problems invariably rise higher - to the knee and hip joints. As a result, arthritis and osteoarthritis develop.

And this is only a small part of the harmful effects of wearing the wrong shoes. We, in any case, do not want to scare you. But we consider it our duty to warn you. After all, we do not just make a profit on shoes. We always think, care and take responsibility for the health of our customers.

Health is the most important thing we have. So choose your shoes carefully!


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