How cleaning your household can lead to a good mental health

Do you know that keeping your household objects and your house clean can actually lead to a proper mental health?

We do not kinow that this small practice can bring immemse mental happiness and satisfaction if followed regularly. You need to clean your refrigerator, washing machine, oven, laptop, computer, tv and any number of appliances and furnitures also regularly. This could actually trigger the 'feel good' hormones in your brain and that could actuaslly increase your mental health to a great extent. If we see a very clean bathroom or kitcghen we feel like using them with satisfaction in our heart. But if they are untidy we do not feel the urge to use them. So we need to put some time cleaning them,.If we do so then it can actually bring a lot of satisfaction in our minds. Its not that everybody wants to do it. Some people have paid servants to clean their household objects. But if you do them yourself you get to feel the satisfaction. The pain you take to clean them might be there. But when you come to use those objects the very next day, you feel satisfied with your efforts. You feel contended with your hard work and you appreciate yourself. This appreciatioon induces a lot of goodness in your well being. So everyday cleaning your household objects is a very good exercise . It also increases your physical health. It keeps you fit for a very long time. If you take effort to clean your utensils and furniture regularly you will feel the difference in the process. And this actually helps to rejuvenate your soul. So paying somebody for cleaning purpose can hardly give you any satisfaction. You need to do all by your own effoirts. Without involving yourself in the process of cleaning you cannot trigger that self made satisfaction. People are often very lazy working on their laptops or computers or mobiles. But they never invest time on their own good. They only invest time on what is easily available. But nothing in this world is easily available. You need to understand and trust the process. And you also need to enjoy the process of cleaning. In case you dont create an interest in this process you can hardly reach that satisfaction level. 

You just need to follow the process regularly and in the long term you get to enjoy the effects. We all are going into a sedentery lifestyle nowadays which is actually creating a lot of mental helth issues,. But doing household work and specially cleaning work can actually help to induce a peaceful mind. 

We do not understand the way these small tasks adds flavour to nour lives. We also underestimate this kind of jobs.

But little do we understand that these are the jobs that can actually give us joy and a lot of satisfaction inducing a very good mmental health.

So if you havent yet started cleaning your home, then start it today. It can actually work miracles for you.  


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