How clothes affect our image in the eyes of others, and our character in general

Let me start by saying that, yes, clothing affects those around you. There have been many experiments, you can even do them yourself. Dress yourself in the cheapest and tastiest clothes, and then in the most expensive and stylish clothes. People even look at it differently.


For example, a man wanted to meet women on the street. They were asked what they thought of him. He was in plain clothes, nothing good was said. After all, his appearance was so-so, honestly. And when he was in a nice suit, everything changed.


Some people started to think he was some kind of boss, someone respected, and yes, he also became prettier in the eyes of those around him.


And that's part of the effect on us. After all, we behave the way we are perceived by those around us. If we are not perceived as anything, we will behave quietly and modestly. And if we are perceived as an authority, as a nice person, then we become like that.


There is more confidence, even our words sound more convincing.


Also, part of the effect is in the way we look at ourselves, in the way we feel. I walk around in a T-shirt all the time, and when I put on a polo shirt, I felt a change. I felt more austere, more serious. Although it's a minimal change in a T-shirt.


Not everybody is going to feel that. But it really works. That is, our credibility, our attractiveness, and many other things are affected by our clothes. It is necessary to conform to the desired image through clothes, then the image will become a reality.


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