How dangerous is the phone

Over the past ten years, talk about the dangers of cell phones has become commonplace. The debate has never stopped, but with the advent of smartphones, it has become even louder and more fierce. They blame cell phones for everything: increased cancer rates, increased aggressiveness, weakened memory, and so on and so forth.

Is it really so? What are the dangers of the phone and what harm can it do to the body?

What do they blame cell phones for?

It is believed that the smartphone, like any modern phone, is a source of electromagnetic radiation. Prolonged exposure to it provokes the development of malignant tumors. Proponents of this theory believe that by bringing the gadget close to the body we contribute to impaired brain activity, reduced cognitive functions, and the development of cardiovascular diseases. According to some experts, radiation from mobile devices leads to gene mutations.

All these myths arose when there was not enough statistical data, because smartphones entered our lives not very long ago.

What does science think today?

Scientists have concluded that the radio emission of our gadgets is low, it is not significantly different from TV and radio signals. It is impossible to get DNA disruption in this way. Researchers at the Swiss Institute of Public Health claim that there is no reliable data on the effect of phones on the occurrence of tumors. In the last decade, there has been no surge in brain cancer, which should happen if there is a strong negative impact from radio radiation.

So the harm of cell phones is a myth?

Take your time! Studies by scientists in many countries have proven that smartphones affect the memory of adolescents. And the worst thing happens to those who are used to holding the phone at the right ear. This is probably because the right hemisphere is responsible for figurative memory.

Cognitive testing showed no significant abnormalities, but the researchers believe that further monitoring is needed.

And here is what is of most living concern to experts: smartphone addiction. It affects mental health and social interaction.

Thus, there is no obvious harm caused by mobile communication, especially if you use it a reasonable amount of time.

How to protect yourself

If you do fear for your health, follow these rules:

Buy the model with the lowest power;

Do not wear the device close to your body;

Keep your conversations short;

hold the gadget 3 cm away from your ear;

only bring the device to your ear after the caller has answered;

Do not leave your smartphone in bed, especially on the pillow, put it away;

buy a headset.

Using these simple tips, you can sleep peacefully, you are not in danger.

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