How do astronauts wash themselves?

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It would seem that the usual ritual of taking a shower in zero gravity becomes simply impossible: in the absence of gravity, water does not pour downward from the shower, but spreads throughout the available space. But then how do you wash yourself in space? The answer is simple - no way! But astronauts also need to observe personal hygiene!

Now the intrepid workers of the ISS just wipe themselves with wet wipes impregnated with detergent or disinfectant.

The Mir and Salyut 7 orbital stations used to have foldable shower cabins on board. The astronaut would climb inside and splash a jet of water on himself, which would instantly turn into flying drops and had to be rubbed over his body. Such washing was very uncomfortable and, in addition, required a lot of preparation and subsequent cleaning of the cabin, so in 1990 such cabins were abandoned.


Nowadays, the ISS uses non-washable shower gel and shampoo, which you just apply to your body and hair and then towel dry. Thanks to this method, it takes 10 times less liquid to perform hygienic procedures in space than on Earth.


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