How do I know if a person is my other half?

You can't. 


Seriously. No matter how much you think, no matter how much you make a final and irrevocable decision - it will not help. Because the answer to this question should not just once, but every day. 


There's a philosophical paradox called Theseus' ship. What's the point. Imagine a ship that sails from point A to point B. In the course of the voyage, part of the ship wears out and the old planks in it are replaced by new ones. As a result you get to point B the same ship of Theseus, but with completely different planks. 


Question: is the ship that sailed from point A the same ship that sailed to point B? 

Is it the same? But it's made of entirely new planks; there's nothing of the original ship in it. Is it a different ship? Then at what point did it become a new ship? When was the first plank renewed? Half of the boards? The last plank? 


Now let's try to transfer this tangle of questions to relationships. You once fell in love with a man full of unique strengths and flaws. Over the years, his character changed little by little: under the influence of work, knowledge, and new experiences. By the way, the person changed physiologically. Over seven years, our body renews all cells without exception, from skin to brain. 


So now you see a completely new person. 


But you confessed your love to someone else, right? Or haven't you? That's why people often have a problem when the "soulmate" ceases to be themselves in the usual sense, and we think about it: 


- After all, things used to be different. Maybe I do not know this person at all? 


How can I avoid it? 


Start noticing how your partner changes. After all, he is changing, whether you want him to or not. And most importantly, learn to fall in love with each of these changes. Or don't fall in love and admit that the "new" person isn't the one you want anymore. 


I wish I could say that we love one person for life, but we don't. There are hundreds of things that change you both. So to call a person your "soulmate," you have to constantly make sure that you make a whole


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