How do I walk my dogs when I have COVID-19 coronavirus?

Can a dog or cat catch coronavirus?


Many people are very concerned about the question: Can a dog or cat get the coronavirus? Right now, there is no confirmed evidence that pets can be carriers of the coronavirus. However, some major publications have written that there has been one case of a dog infected with the new coronavirus in China. Whether this is true or not, of course, no one can verify.

In addition, the virus can mutate. And coronavirus has been found in some wild animals, such as bats and pangolins. So take care of your four-legged friend is still necessary. Here are a few simple guidelines that will reduce the risk of coronavirus infection when walking your dog.

Coronavirus COVID-19 dog walking guidelines

The main thing to know, even if your city has a quarantine and self-isolation regime for all citizens, you can walk your dogs. But you can't go more than 100 meters away from your place of residence. Even if there are no such restrictions, you need to follow a few rules about walking when you have COVID-19 coronavirus:

Do not walk dogs in crowded areas. Choose nearby green areas in or behind the yard where no one is present at the time.Should I wear a mask when walking my dog? This is something everyone decides for themselves. But it is worth understanding that the virus does not fly in the air and if you do not come into contact with strangers and follow the rules of hygiene, the chances of infection are reduced to zero.Many people are used to walking dogs in company with other dog walkers. It is worth giving up this habit, even if you walk with a mask. Because the mask does not give 100% protection from the virus, because the pores in a medical mask is much larger than the virus and in close contact with an infected person there is a good chance that it will not save you. The best guarantor of health when walking your dog in COVID-19 coronavirus is to keep your distance from strangers.

You don't want to walk your dog in a coronavirus pandemic for too long, even if you're used to devoting significant time to it. Make sure your dog has done his business and go home. The quarantine won't last forever and you'll soon be able to get back to your routine. And a dog, even an active breed, won't lose its form in a week or two.Does a dog need to wear a mask on walks? It is not necessary, but each owner of the pet will decide what is best. For prevention and safety, it is enough to perform hygienic procedures for your pet after walking.Precautions after a walk with your dog

After walking your dog in COVID-19 coronavirus, there are a few simple, but very important steps to take:

Never let your dog run straight into the house after a walk! Before you do that, your pet will need to wash his paws with soap and water. To do this, strap him down in the hallway and go wash your hands yourself.Prepare everything you need for your pet's hygiene procedures. Before you start washing his paws, wipe his nose and the area around his mouth with a soapy palm, then rinse with clean water. Dogs sniff everything in their path and can bring in a virus this way. If your pet has long, drooping ears, such as an English cocker spaniel or beagle, the edges of the ears will also need to be washed.

Now you can begin washing the paws. You can also use any wet wipes to perform the hygiene.After completing the hygiene of the pet, do not forget to wash your hands! Then you need to treat the handle of the leash or the roulette, as well as the carabiner, which is attached to the collar of the pet with disinfectant.Be sure to wipe with alcohol or any other antiseptic the front door handle, the light switch in the hallway, as well as any other objects that were touched before you have washed your hands. And don't forget to wash your hands again thoroughly with warm water and soap!

That's it. Follow these simple guidelines and the chances of encountering COVID-19 coronavirus while walking your dogs will be minimal. Take care of yourself and your loved ones, and stay healthy!


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