How does arrogance happen? And why.

in todays  world everyone wants to earn money, whatever it may be. They start running after money in the pursuit of earning money. And somehow just want to earn money, money only. Money can only fulfill your need. People's mind gets spoiled by getting more money. He does not think of anything other than money, he sees only money everywhere. So he thinks that how can he earn more money. Due to the arrival of more money, pride flourishes in him.

As a result of which he starts considering himself as higher or above any other person. The person who arrogance keeps on increasing. And he starts hating any other person. Thus pride goes on his head in such a way that he thinks nothing but money. We should never be proud when we get more money, and we should never consider it as the dawn of hatred towards any other person.

With money, everyone can buy anything in the world, but it becomes difficult to get back their lost identity. That's why we have to control our pride, and no one can stop us from going on the path of success. If you are able to adopt these two aspects, then you are taking your step towards success. And we should have a sense of friendship with other people, some great person has said that if you want to shorten a line, then draw a line in front of it exactly the same as that first line itself will become shorter. And there will be no need to even delete it.

A true friend is like a light, that he saves you from the darkness of every evil. Whether you are always with you in bad times or good times, he is your true friend. He lifts you out of every evil quagmire, puts you before Himself. He is your true friend, there is a need to understand the importance of a true friend, you cannot buy a true friend with any wealth or money around the world. A true friend is that precious gem, who stays with you forever. Which is more than the money or wealth of the world, and we should make true friends. Always pray to God to make us worthy of giving more, not taking more.

We should always try to help the poor and poor person. We should never give up after seeing bad times. We should never hurt any person, we have to adopt a true friend in our life. And who should always stay away from the company of bad person


Some great man has said that when a man is born. So it is like a pot of raw clay, you can make it in whatever form you want. That is to say, a small child is like a raw clay pot. A child who is a small child does not have the ability to understand, so that if he gets good company, he can become a gentleman, if he gets the opposite i.e. mismatch then he can become a bad person. That's why we should become friends with more understanding.  and the try help anyone peeson .


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