How does Yandex Zen affect SEO and website promotion?

Website promotion is a relevant and demanded direction, which has only been gaining momentum over the past few years. Website promotion can be carried out through a variety of channels, including, for example, Direct advertising, transitions from bookmarks, clicks on links, banners and many other options for the price of website promotion in the Yandex TOP Moscow.


Relatively recently, the Yandex platform presented users with a completely new Yandex Zen resource, the main idea of ​​which is the publication of articles and other materials on various topics. Quite quickly, optimization specialists realized that Yandex Zen is a powerful tool for attracting traffic. With the help of it, you can effectively increase the traffic of the resource and attract additional customers.


Many modern companies use such a popular resource as Yandex and Yandex Zen, in particular, for website promotion. If you want to promote your own website, you should contact trusted companies that provide SEO services. Today ordering website promotion in Yandex is not at all expensive. Specialized companies offer promotion services at affordable prices.


In today's post, we'll talk about how Yandex Zen affects SEO and website promotion.


How does Yandex Zen affect SEO and website promotion?


Yandex Zen is a powerful platform for website promotion. The fact is that this platform is gaining more and more popularity. For example, in 2019, Zen's audience exceeded 45 million readers in a month. There are more than 20 thousand active channels on the site, which is also a good indicator.


A special advantage of using Yandex Zen for promotion is that this platform does not set a limit for posting articles. In addition, there is no prohibition on posting links to the promoted website. The ability to get fast traffic is also an important advantage of the resource.


In addition to all of the above, it is important to note fast indexing, the possibility of passive channel maintenance, large audience coverage, the ability to connect to the metrics channel and many other advantages of using Yandex Zen to promote sites.


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