How dogs relate with us and our environment

Dogs(canis lupus familiaris) are domesticated mammals,and are not natural wild mammls. They are originally bred from wolves. Dogs are the first animals ever to be domesticated and are being taken care of by humans. Some dogs which are out the reach of Human care which leave independently have become wild animals again. Dogs has affected the human race positively,which most people don't know about.

Dogs makes us feel less alone, there are always there for you even when people can't. They also offer unconditional love, emotional support,and even constant cuddles and Also help keep you company when you feeling lonely. Dogs are also good for the heart,owning a dog can help you live longer in the sense that,they don't make you panic over unnecessary things. Dogs helps in reducing stress,by offering you company and ease to your worries. Science has proved that dogs helps to alleviate stress and anxiety,even by just petting a femiliar dog lowers blood pressure,heart rate,and relaxes the muscles. Most people walk with their dogs and spend mostly 300mintues with their dogs by trekking without even realizing it,which is 200mintues more walking than a person without a dog. It even attracts more people to you cause of it cuteness .

A dog can serve as your best friend, shadow,or even constant companion. With the aid of several studies it's been said that dogs have 18 muscles that help to move their ear, which help them to pick out sounds far and near. They also give us clue on how they feel ,for example if they are standing straight up it Means that they are at alert and on a case, if they lay flat with their back against their head ,they are scared. Dogs have fingerprint, just the way we humans have . The nose have a unique pattern that can sever to identify them, which is similar to human fingerprint,they use this to find lost dogs and bring them back to their family. It has also been discovered that dogs may have the ability to fall in love with you, studies have shown us that dogs may also have oxytocin (love hormones), which helps them to fall in love. Also dogs sweats just the way we humans do. But they sweat through their paws only, which is why the ventilate and exchange heat through panting. Dogs also mark their territory with glands in their paws,by scratching the ground after they poop,they are just perfoming their territory marking ritual to spread their scent and let other dogs know that they are around. Their so many things that we don't know about our dogs,they are smart and know more about our emotions. That's why they can easily live with us.


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