How Gaming Community is Rising all over the world

talking about gaming, it is generally famous in kids, children as well as in men over and below some age. cause of games we can stay away from any stress, overthinking, depressions, and many more reasons to play games. this is the short information about games.


gaming increases lots of confidence, good thinking, positivity , opportunities, etc.

community means playing together in a clan, group, or in multiplayer on regular basis .

there are some gaming community


1. hydra clan


2. soul clan


3. game detectives


4.jungle clan


5. elite clan


6.axon clan


7. and clan, and too many.


In India, nowadays games like pubg, free fire, GTA VC are too much popular. so you will see 5/3 homes that somebody playing these games.


talking about pubg, before some years,  a gamer named  Aditya sawant  as known as " dynamo gaming " .stars playing pubg and does live streaming on online platforms like youtube. and now he has 9 million subscribers on his youtube channel. that's a big achievement you know,


he is famous for his dialogue " part se headshot ", so his audience is getting impressed by him as well as his gameplay, then the pubg gets more popular in India so fast, cause of pubg there are lots of peoples who are getting famous, getting money by playing it, and cause of these reasons

games is also a reason for making friends, relationships as well nowadays, gaming can give you happiness on your own and from also, from now it will grow day by day, and one-day games can gather people together, gamers create their clans and support other to be the best for their also.

nowadys, everybody wants to play games and want to be an achiever in gaming, cause of tournaments of games, competitions, prizes. youth is getting attracted by these things .thats why everybody loves games nowadays.

There is too much scope in gaming, you just have some skills and focus on your work, that's it .

gaming is too old and it has many devices to play with. just like mobiles, pcs, gaming consoles, play stations, etc.

in the community you have to be regular on your work, maintaining that workload for your viewers and yourself too, games are about to share your ideas, thinking, extraordinary qualities and that's why you get popularity by peoples and that's why create channels, websites, do promotions, etc.

gamers do collaborations, live to chat with audiences their fans, giving them chances to play with them, doesn't it interesting or not? lastly, I would say this is a future and its bright, play and show how you conquer by yourself and with your clan .


so, when are you start playing games ......

but  don't play too much otherwise it will affect your body.

Remember, do not start Online Gaming if you know you cannot manage getting addicted to it. For those who have already started Online Gaming, do manage your time and always know the signs of Online Gaming addiction. Select your decisions wisely, if you are capable of maintaining that much time then you can play.&nbsp

thank you 🙏


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