How investing in your own leadership skills can drive business growth

Great leaders come in many shapes and forms, but one trait they all seem to share is their ability to motivate and inspire others. While this should go without saying, motivation and inspiration within organizations provide a very useful by-product : the greatest potential for business growth. When employees are inspired and engaged by a company's mission, they are more than willing to take action and find creative ways to achieve their goals. However, in 2021 The Global Leadership Forecast found that just 11% of HR leaders say they have the leadership talent they need to grow their organization, an all-time low. Many believe the reason has a lot to do with the unpredictability of the challenges you may face. While companies may still be preparing for the next wave of leaders as older generations retire, there are things you can do to take control of your own leadership development in the meantime. Although you currently hold a leadership role atcomma.---#---Although you currently hold a leadership role , you should seek opportunities to develop your skills to support company growth.

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Make learning a priority, can certainly help you grow as a leader often a good investment. By spending just 15-30 minutes a day reading a book, reading an article, or listening to a podcast about leadership, you can increase your knowledge of various processes and procedures.

Sometimes an outside perspective is needed to accelerate your development. "CEOs sometimes get tunnel vision. Working in a company or industry for many years can lead to outdated industry standards," said Greg Alexander, founder of Collective 54, the first expert community for IT companies. "By collaborating with like-minded people in a community of experts, leaders are exposed to different ways of thinking and innovative solutions.

After all, peers are not vendors or sponsors looking to monetize a relationship. Rather, they try to learn from each other in a safe environment. Leaders need other leaders who will challenge their assumptions and push the boundaries of what they can expect. 

That's why joining groups like YPO, Vistage, EO or Collective 54 has become so popular," explains Alexander. "Learning from people in similar companies and roles with common problems and opportunities offers business leaders unique value.

One thing to keep in mind in moments of reflection is never to compare yourself to others. Only then will you be able to create a realistic plan or strategy for your leadership's continued growth. Use all of those questions you've asked yourself to come up with some new ones. Goals and then discover the best means to achieve what you want to achieve. Go ahead and describe all aspects of your strategy (i.e. learning opportunities, next steps, potential roadblocks, timeline, etc.

From there, it's all about putting the plan into action by taking the time to complete each goal. Because you hold a leadership role, you probably know that the best form of training and development is one that is tailored to the individual. It stands to reason that you should tailor your personal leadership training through self-reflection and constructive criticism from peers in similar positions, and really focus on your skills and experience. Ways to improve your skills.


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