How is this journey without you?

Life has also become a strange first. when everything was So it seemed that in the whole world we are the most wealthy and fortunate.Life with him seemed more beautiful than heaven.It was as if it was made just for me. Everything was there which common man does not have.Respect, fame, money, love, nothing ever belonged to anyone.

All of a sudden my whole world was changed 'In a moment everything was over My own ashes turned into a heap before my eyes. And I was left alone in this world. Then it felt That this fame, respect and money are nothing without him. .If there was no love for me, all this was useless. It is like dust. This world

It's about my life. When I met my love for the first time and our life started with great joy.Love was everything for both of us. They used to respect each other's feelings.Our love was like a holy worship. He was awake at night. They used to see new dreams for each other.We both came from very poor family. But we had a feeling of respect for each other.Seeing our love, our family members got us married. A few years later a son was born in my house. Life was going smoothly. That suddenly my husband died. All my dreams have turned to dust.  How can I live without him and where should I go with a son?Time was passing by. Considering the son as a sign of her love, she started living.Some started taking home tuitions and raising their son.My son's dreams just became my world.


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