How many types of people will achieve their goals?

1.    Career oriented

2.    Freelancers

Career oriented

What’s the difference? If someone is" Career acquainted," they have an idea as to what type of position they want to be in down the road( timeframe can vary) and have an idea as to what they need to learn or negotiate next order good for that position. A" Job acquainted" person is someone who focuses further on their satisfaction withdetermined down the road when and if you realize that everything you learned 12 months ago provides little value towards the direction you have eventually decided to pursue.

I was talking with a seeker who I’ve determination talked with every many month the last thrmonthsmes. She's veritably strong and educated at what she does( more educated than about 85 of her peers in the assiduity). For the utmost part, she was nicely happy with her job and enjoyed the moonstone she worked with and the director she worked for. About 6 months ago her director left the company, a relief was brought in, and ever since also her “ job ” satisfaction has downscaled.


A person who acts singly without being combined with or authorized by an association.

Grafton contrasts public intellectualists outdoors and inside the universities, and he takes note of moment's nostalgia for the freethinkers who lived and wrote singly of elders and classrooms.22

Here is the suggested action plan for both groups.

If you are highly disciplined, sleep on time, wake up in the morning, day rider, and love studying, you are better off doing a good degree, finding a good job, progress, and climbing up the career ladder, you will make good money and see growth in corporate lifestyle too. After a few years in your 30s apply for Australian or Canadian migration. You have a bright future in corporations. You may not be a millionaire but may have plenty of plots and a good paycheck in your 40s. Become a small investor.

For Freelancers (I am one of them). You will never be able to study and progress in your career. You won’t get a pay rise easily. You will get fired multiple times from your job, you are ill-disciplined and lazy. You are not meant for corporations so don’t go for it. Instead go for the struggle route, freelancing —> Agency —> Business ownership —> Investor route. Get a simple degree or find a convenient online degree option like ECC. Marry an educated girl and get her to apply for skilled migration instead.  You will have a wonderful future for both.

How to train yourself to have an optimistic mindset

The mind functions as a force, and we must learn how to supply this force. sanguinity is an attributive style; basically, a way we attribute meaning to diurnal events.

When evaluating a fact of life, pessimistic individuals and optimistic individuals will have opposite perspectives of each other.

Mark my last words.

When you are good in talking, bad in delivery, you likely end up becoming a faulty person.

If you are good in delivery but bad in talking, you likely become a good employee.

If you are good in talking and good in delivery too, you will become a rich brand.

If you are not good in talking and not good in delivery either, you will likely become a loser, oops, sorry, A Memer.


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