How Money Separate ME and My Father (part 1)

My family was also like you all people in my family we were 6people my father , Mother my Brother 16years old ,I was 17 at that time and my grandparents live with us.


Oneday my father told my brother and me to go outside and give us some work to get done he told us that he wants to talk to my mother so when we go outside . My father said to my mother that he wants the get divorce he don't want to live with us because he finds out that my mother cheated on him behind his back . So he decided to leave the house that day when me and my brother come back to home we see that mom was crying very badly so we asked her what happened she tell us every thing that dad tell mom .


 When My dad didn't come back home for 1month I call him and started cry while saying that dad please come back he said no I will never come back u can think that ur dad is dead now u have no dad there are many child who don't have dad and they are living so you can live like that .


After few days we get a call from a lawyer my mom picked up the call then lawyer said hello are u miss _____ she said yes .then the lawyer said that your husband filed a case of divorce so u have to come and get some paperwork done . My mom at that time got very scared because she was very afraid of police and all like middle class family does .


Then I called my father again and said him way are u doing these kind of things .He said shut up I know what I am doing don't teach me what to do then he cuts the call .


After 2-3days lawyer send us a PDF of case with all the reasons whyy father wants to divorce my mom when I read that I cried very badly because every reason was wrong.


 Few Reasons are :-

✓ He got abused in house whenever he comes back home for office.

✓ He never gets food to eat .

✓He got beaten by my mom at home for nothing

✓my was pregnant before marriage.

✓ and many more.........


After reading this I was very afraid because at that time I was only 17 years old .


And then after 2months He Stop giving us money to even eat .

My mom take money from her sisters at feed us at that time I was feeling very bad 

She cries every night and day and when I see my mom crying for food because she is house wife and never worked before we even don't know what will happen if we didn't get money will we be able to get food to eat next month ...

I was in class 12th at that time I decided to quit my school......


If u want to know next part just like and comment down for part 2......


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