How much protein does a kidney patient need and why does a kidney patient need to eat less protein?

A) What is protein and what is its function? One of the components of our daily diet is protein. It's the body Too much to compensate for normal growth and loss and to increase the resistance to anger Needed. 

B) How much protein is needed? Usually 1 gram / kg body weight daily.

Source of protein: - 

1. Animal protein (1st class protein) Meat, fish, eggs, milk, yogurt, cheese. 

2. Vegetable protein (2nd class protein) Pulses, peas, nuts, vegetables. 

C) Which kidney patients eat less protein? Kidney useless patients who have not started dialysis yet.

Didn't start. 

D) Why is it necessary to eat less protein in the kidneys? Urea, creatinine and uric acid are metabolites in the body. Etc. which are unhealthy in the body and kidney urine in normal condition Through this waste shoots out. But these thunderbolts when the kidneys become useless It accumulates in the body and causes various symptoms. E.g., loss of appetite, nausea, weakness, Shortness of breath etc.

E) Kidney useless rage how much protein to eat? The amount of protein taken by these patients depends on the level of kidney failure Depending on whether the kidney is damaged. Usually these are the normal amount of rage Half the amount (less than 50%) of protein is eaten. That is daily per kg of body For weight, you have to eat 0.5 grams instead of 1 gram.

F) What are the benefits of eating less useless kidney rage?


1) Reduces the level and speed of kidney rage 

2) Helps to reduce blood pressure and 

3) Reduces the symptoms of anger by reducing waste generation. In general, due to lack of capacity and availability, the people of this country need protein Can't accept Kidney useless rage on the one hand is less due to such anorexia Can eat

On the other hand, the treatment of anger is to eat less protein. The result is this All the angry people often run away from malnutrition. Kidney rage is about this when fixing food Keep an eye out. Below are some of the foods that are high in protein: 

Milk - 500 ml (2 kg) = 18 g protein 

Yogurt - 100 grams = 8 grams of protein 

Eggs - 1 hour (medium) = 8 grams of protein 

100 grams of meat = 25 grams of protein 

50 grams of cheese = 12 grams of protein 100 grams of pulses.

= 50 grams of protein Calculation of food size and quantity: Match box size = 1 ounce (26.5 grams) Cassette box size = 2 ounces (56.0 g) = 3 ounces (64.5 grams) And the size of a box of cards.


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