How much would it cost today to build the pyramid of Cheops?

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The pyramid of Cheops is the largest of the Egyptian pyramids. From the chronicles of Herodotus, who visited Egypt in 450 BC, we know that its construction lasted 20 years and 100 thousand people worked continuously, replacing each other every three months. It is also stated that 1,600 talents of silver were spent on the construction and feeding the slaves. However, many scholars believe that this figure is taken "from the ceiling" or deliberately understated. After all, it means expenses - one ton of silver per year. It does not look very plausible, even considering that the price of silver has changed dramatically over 4,500 years.

According to modern estimates, given the current prices of labor and building materials, it would have taken several billion dollars to build the Cheops pyramid these days. The pyramid has a volume of 2.65 million cubic meters (the calculations were based on the data on the construction of the American Hoover Dam, which is close in volume to the Cheops pyramid).

French architect Jean-Pierre Oudin gave a fairly accurate assessment of such construction. He states that using modern technologies and construction techniques, the Cheops pyramid can be built in 5 years, having spent five billion dollars at involvement of 2000 workers.


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