How much you can earn from current reward app?

In this article I will be finding out whether you can use the Current Rewards platform to earn some extra cash.


If you like listening to music, playing an instrument, or doing anything related to music, then you should enjoy using this App. However, can you earn rewards from it, and if so how much?

By the end of my Current Rewards App review you will have a good idea about what the app is all about, and what the earning potential is.

My Experience Using The Current Rewards App

I have tested this App out quite extensively. I can say that I have enjoyed playing the wide range of music, and I have managed to confirm that it’s legit, having been paid twice (see payment proof below).However, the creators say you can earn up to $600 a year by anticipating with this app regularly.From my experience using the app I would say that this is just not possible if you are simply going to use the app for listening to musicHowever, there are other ways you can earn using this App such as completing surveys, participating in offers, and referring others.If you live in a geographical location where the app targets its offers and surveys, then your regular participation could mean you can earn at least close to $600.

How much can you earn with the current rewards app?

When you join Current Rewards and you earn enough points, the App rewards you with either a PayPal gift card, or if you prefer there are numerous gifts available for varying amounts of points.


When you begin listening to the curated media, you’ll earn points for every minute that you listen. During playback, you’ll be given additional opportunities to earn cash.I’m a music fan that loves listening to radio, so I joined the app for the music, and less concerned about what I could earn. I chose a music station that played the music genre I liked and started listening.Although it was more about the music for me I was impressed by how quickly the points built up, getting about 10 points for each song.

The points you get rewarded for listening to each song however started to go down the more I listened however. For example, you may get up to 10 points for each song when you begin, by the end of the day you may not get even 1 point for each song.


This is the real problem with this app when it comes to making money simply by listening to music. I found that each day that I logged in the points I got for listening to each track began to reduce. It meant that over time by the end of a day of listening to music on the app, I would only be getting fractions of a point for listening to each song.You get better value from your points however if you don’t cash out too early. You get just $1 for 8,000 points whereas you get $3 for 10,000 points and $10 for 22,000 points.Current Reward App Reviews

At the time of my latest update of this review the music-based app has a rating of 4.5 stars at Google Play, so this is clearly a very popular app.


Users like listening to music on it and are not experiencing any technical issues. Users appreciate the genuine opportunity to earn real cash from a legit app.


Users also like the fact that they can choose music from lots of genres and earn while doing so.


Like all apps there are a few complaints.


Members complain that the amount of points you get for listening to songs reduces the longer you listen to the App, making it difficult to build up points quickly simply for listening to music.


Some members say that sometimes there are only a few surveys available to enable additional points to be gained.


However, from my experience of using the App there are always plenty of offers to enable you to build up your points more quickly. But, as I stated earlier, the amount of offers/surveys you get is determined by your geographical location and your demographic.

Just listening to music won’t earn you very much at all, you need to participate in offers, or refer hundreds of people in order to make anything substantial.

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Is The Current Rewards App Worth It?

The Current Rewards App is available on both the Apple Store and Google Play, so you can download it to any device.

When you join you can instantly start listening to a wide range of music from thousands of radio stations and start building up your points.

We Have you used the Current Cash Rewards App? Let us know in the comments what you thought.with a file size of 22.85 MB, this app will not take up a lot of space on your phone, or change the way you use other apps on the device. You can listen to music while jogging, doing chores, or helping your children with homework.

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