How my brothers put me in jail

My brother killed my boyfriend, or soon was to be my son's father. This is the story I am telling from jail. I was studying in high school, then I was in a relationship with the richest boy in our high school. This boy, after we fell in love, became our first son. Then I hid my son from everyone, even the rich boy, my boyfriend.

But my big brother noticed how I walk and eat, and every time I vomit, he asked me if there was anything wrong with me, but I said no. I wanted to keep it a secret, but I couldn't keep it a secret anymore, so I told my boyfriend that I was pregnant.

and his response was, Sorry, this is not my son.

and then the next day he moved from the school, everything became dark in my life.

I didn't know what to do; I didn't know what I should do or where to go. Then my belly started to show up more.

 So I told my older brother that I am pregnant, and my brother told me it's fine; things can happen, and he is here with me and he will support me.

Then he asked me, Who's the father? 

Then I told him, You know, the only rich boy at our school is the father. 

After that, he told my little brother about the things I was going through, so he did his research and found my boyfriend. Then he went to my boyfriend's father at work and told him that his son did get me pregnant. And he does not.

believe my brother and threw him out of the workplace like a dog

and he unleashed his dogs on him. My brother swears revenge on that kid, so he and my youngest brother commit a crime by killing him at their home after they send a message from my phone to his phone that I want to see him, and he replied, OK, ok ..then when I went to the house, there was the father! He opened the door for me, saw me and my belly, and welcomed me to the house.

Then we started chatting, and he was happy to see that it was his birthday. After we cut the cake, we heard a noise from the window, and then there were my older brothers, both looking creepy and wearing jackets and gloves.

In the summer, my boyfriend let them in and asked them what was going on here. They held him and me so hard that I was knocked on the ground. They gave him a dosage of drugs, so he died in front of me. I was in shock. His father heard the noise, and when he arrived, his son was dead.

and became like a crime scene. His father started kicking me like I was garbage, and I was trying to protect my belly because I wanted to save my son after his father was dead in front of him. Now the cops took me to jail, and I have to be there for the rest of my life because of my brothers soon they visited me at jail and told me i was the black cheap in the family.


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