How Nigerian Woman Arrested For Threatening To Bomb Hospital Gave Eerie Look During Mugshot

A Nigerian woman who was arrested in the United States for threatening to blow up a hospital gave the authorities blood chilling experience as she posed for mugshot.

The woman identified as Tolulope Oluwakorede Adetayo was arrested for allegedly threatening to blow up a hospital in Maryland.

Acccording to police record an unknown person,who police alleged to match Adetayo's description made a phone call to make the supposed threat on the hospital on August 8.

However, inquiries led police to Adetayo's home in Landover, Maryland.

Reports had it that at initial stage police were told that Adetayo was not around,but after a search around the house the found her hiding in a cupboard.

She was brought out and subsequently arrested and taken to the Prince George's County Department of Correction in Upper Malboro,MD,where she was put into custody.

During the mugshot,Adetayo had posed in a strange look.

Adetayo was arrested on August 12,on a warrant for threat of Mass Violence and she is currently held without bond.


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