How Pastor's wife,Two Daughters Were Kidnapped In Abuja

In a daring show to further expose the general insecurities reigning supreme in Nigeria,some Kidnappers/bandits struck in the capital city,Abuja to showcase their trade.

The incident occurred on Sunday at Kuje area council of Abuja,where Kidnappers/bandits successfully abducted a 45-year-old woman and her two daughters.

The woman who was said to be a pastor's wife was identified as Mrs Bukola Oladapo,and her daughters,Moyo Oladapo,17,and Glory Oladapo,14,were all forcefully taken away from their residence around 1am on Sunday.

It was however gathered that the woman's husband, Pastor Gabriel Oladapo,who is a pastor in a new generation church was out of the city when the incident happened.

A source simply identified as Abednego,who lived in the area told reporters that the Kidnappers who were armed with AK-47 rifles climbed over the fence of the victims home and forced the doors open to gain access into the main building.

It would be recalled that a couple of weeks back a man and his son was also abducted from their home in Abuja.

The residents are now calling on the government to sit up and address the fearful situation before it's too late to handle.

With the recent abduction, tension is now high in the city as fear of who could be the next victim has taken over their general bearings.


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