How Sell on Flipkart ; flipkart saller account guidelines

With many entrepreneurs running their own online stores, you need something to make your new business stand out. Choose a place that interests you and then find products that are in high demand.


Flipkart Private Limited is an Indian e-commerce company, headquartered in Bengaluru, incorporated as a private limited company in Singapore. The company initially focused on online book sales before expanding into other product categories such as consumer electronics, fashion, home essentials, groceries and lifestyle products.


Requirements needed for sell in flipkart


A check is a negotiable instrument that instructs the bank to pay a specified amount of money to someone from the drawer's bank account. The three parties to a check are:


  Drawer of cheque: The person who signs the check or orders the bank to pay a certain amount through a check is called drawer.


  Drawee of cheque: The bank which orders the payment of the specified amount against the check is called the drawee of the cheque.


  Payee: The person to whom the bank orders to pay the amount is called payee.


  There are different types of check like open cheque, self cheque, bank cheque, crossed cheque, stale cheque, canceled cheque.


To become a flipkart seller you need 3 things, your basic details and GSTIN, pick-up address and 1 unique product to sell. Yes! This is what you need to register as a seller on Flipkart.


 Trademark license is very important in E-commerce, like any other business. 


A trademark has rights in law depending on whether it is registered or unregistered. A trademark is used to denote goods and services. For services it is also addressed as a service mark.



  A trade mark has certain characteristics. If a trademark appears to be similar to any other trademark, it may cause confusion in the minds of consumers or the public. Similarity in a trademark may lead to unfair trade practices.


The trademark license can be granted by the owner/proprietor of the registered trademark. It is right to mention here that both registered and unregistered can be transferred under Indian law. Transfer of a trade mark can be by license or assignment.


  A license for a registered trade mark in India can be of two types- a simple license agreement relating to permitted use and a registered user who has registered the license agreement with the Registrar of Trade Marks. Under this License, Licensee receives certain rights under the Act.


After the sale of certain goods and services, there is value added tax (VAT) payable to the government. Normally, the government won't require you to have one unless your turnover reaches a certain amount (Rs 5 lakh in most cases), but e-commerce sites like Flipkart won't let you become a seller if you don't already have one. . Whether you are a sole proprietor, a partner in a firm, or a director in a private limited company, you can apply for it. Some states may require a security deposit.


Adhaar card, GSTIN, are also needed for seller account creation on Flipkart. 


And also a one product needed for sell on flipkart, choose highle demand in trend products for best business. 

wishi good growth in e commece business in flipkart


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