How Social Media Kills Our Happiness

Have you ever looked down your Instagram timeline and suddenly felt bad about yourself? You see all these people living their life to the fullest. They seem to be rich, fun, and successful. Mostly they seem to be happy. In your eyes, their life seems perfect. Everything they seem to have, everything you lack.

Every day we see people who seem to have a perfect life. A perfect body, a perfect face, a perfect relationship, or a perfect job. Everything seems to be perfect because all we see are pictures and videos of them.

And then, we have to turn into reality and feel bad. Because unfortunately, our life isn’t perfect. Our life isn’t anything like theirs. We start to feel like a failure and unworthy. We compare our world, the reality we live in, with a world that doesn’t even exist. This world is called Social Media.

Every day Social Media kills our happiness. It’s like a competition, but we are the ones who lost from the beginning. Do you know why? Because we think social media is real. We see a perfect picture, but we never think about behind-the-scenes. We forget that hundreds of attempts behind each picture and life is much more than just a picture.

We literally forget how easy it is to fake a smile. We forget that pictures get edited. We forget that not everything gets posted.

We believe this lie called social media and in the end, we are the ones who suffer the most from it.

We need to learn that there can be perfect pictures, but there’s never a perfect life behind those pictures.

In the end, Social Media just provides us with a world that doesn’t exist. So we should stop spending more time there than in reality. Because happiness can’t be found in pictures or videos. Happiness is never available if you keep comparing your life to the life others have.

Start living your life. Start dressing up how you like, start doing the things you like. Start going after your goals, and start surrounding yourself with positive vibes and positive energy.

Stop giving your power, time, and energy to Social Media. Because the longer you do, the less happy you will be.


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