How the Gajah Mada defeated the Kebo Iwa

This is a story of people's history on the island of bali, Indonesia. The history of the collapse of the Kingdom of Bedahulu, Bali during the reign of Sri Tapahulung or Chief of Sri Astasura Ratna Bhumi Banten in the early 14th century. This historical event is not apart from the heroic story of Kebo Iwa.For the people of Bali, Kebo Iwa was a figure who sacrificed himself behind the unified Kingdom of Bali and Majapahit. That's what became one of the cyclones of Nusantara's union.

Story of Kebo Iwa

Kebo Iwa is a Patih or Military Commander from Bali. He's big, he's tall. Besides mastering war science, he also mastered architecture. He built various places of worship in Bali, and often carried large stones himself with his physical strength. He was a figure very respected by many people, including by the Gajah mada, the Majapahit Vice King at the time. As long as there was Kebo Iwa who also served as a path in the kingdom of Bedahulu, Majapahit never succeeded in possessing the territory of Bali.

Considering Kebo Iwa as his expansionist political hedge, Patih Gajah Mada finally set up a strategy to conquer himself. 

In his deception, the Gajah Mada invited the son of the Commander of the Buncing Rakyan to the Majapahit to strengthen the bonds of mercy between the Kingdom and the Kingdom of the Bedahulu.

Gajah Mada praise the government of Sri Astasura Bumi Banten. He also promised to introduce Kebo Iwa to a girl he could edit. After that, Patih Gajah Mada asked for help from Kebo Iwa to build a well in the Majapahit Kingdom which was drying at the time.

Without the slightest suspicion, Kebo Iwa responded to the request. According to him, this is one way he can do to help the interests of many people.

Unfortunately, Kebo Iwa's sincere intentions have caused him to be trapped in the investigation of  Gajah Mada. With his gentle thorns, he began to make holes in the ground. But weird things happen. The water didn't appear even though Kebo Iwa had dug deep enough. He went into his own well to dig deeper. He didn't realize that there was a real danger in sight.

As soon as Kebo Iwa entered the well,  Gajah Mada immediately ordered his soldiers to seize Kebo and the land he had dug. Kebo Iwa was buried alive, the bastard was killed by the entire Majapahit army under the orders of  Gajah Mada.

The fall of Kebo Iwa facilitated the conquest of Bali by Majapahit led by Adityawarman. This attack resulted in the battle of Gajah Mada with the Kingdom of Bedahulu which ended with the death of King Bedahuli and his son and the destruction of the kingdom.

Quoting the book of Bali Pulina written by I.B. Arya Lawa Manuaba, the story of Kebo Iwa can still be remembered by the community by visiting Gili Menjangan. On the island a building was erected to commemorate the spirit of unity that Kebo Iwa inherited.

Other remains can also be seen in Pejeng and some areas in Bali, such as Pura Pucak Padang Dawa in Baturiti and Pura Srijong in the beach of Tabanan. To the west of Pura Puseh Village Bedha of Bongan Village, Tabanan, the statue of Kebo Iwa of 9.45 meters high stands with courage as a form of homage to the local community.



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