How this Earn with Piclinks: A Comprehensive Guide to Making Money Online

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Looking for a simple and effective way to make money online? Piclinks offers an excellent opportunity for you to earn a minimum of $50 a month by sharing image links on popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Quora, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, WhatsApp, and Telegram. Hundreds of users are already enjoying the benefits of Piclinks, and you can join them today.


**How It Works**


1. **Refer and Earn:** 

   - Share your unique referral code on social media platforms.

   - New users who sign up using your code will receive $1 as a welcome credit.

   - You will earn 5% of their lifetime income.


**Frequently Asked Questions**


**Basic Questions**


1. **Is Piclinks Free?**

   - Absolutely. Piclinks is completely free to use. There are no hidden charges or fees associated with using the service.


2. **What is the Withdrawal Process?**

   - Users can request a withdrawal once they have earned at least $50. Withdrawal requests must be made by the 8th of every month. If you miss this deadline, your payout will be postponed to the next month. Payouts are processed on the 15th of each month and can take up to 10 business days to reflect in your chosen payment method.


3. **How Does Piclinks Prevent Misuse?**

   - Piclinks monitors IP addresses and device information to track clicks on image links. The system may reject clicks that appear suspicious. If we detect an unusual number of clicks from the same IP address or device, your account may be blocked, and payments may be frozen without prior notice.


4. **What Payment Methods Are Supported?**

   - Currently, Piclinks supports withdrawals through PayPal, UPI, Payeer, Bitcoin (BTC), USDT (TRX20), and Litecoin (LTC). If you need to use a different payment method, contact customer support to check if it can be accommodated.


5. **How to Maximize CPM for My Links?**

   - The Cost Per Mille (CPM) is influenced by the quality of traffic. Piclinks values social traffic. Low-quality or fake traffic can reduce your CPM and might lead to account suspension for violating the terms of service.


6. **Which Countries Have the Highest CPM?**

   - Tier 1 countries typically offer the highest CPM rates. However, the system adjusts CPM in real-time based on the quality and fairness of the traffic.


**Tips for Using Piclinks Effectively**


- **Optimal Image Resolution:** For best results, use images with a resolution of 1280 by 720 pixels. This ensures that your images appear clear and undistorted on social media platforms, increasing the likelihood of clicks.


- **Choosing a URL:** You can link to any URL, such as your website, blog post, YouTube video, or direct advertisement link. Given the potential for generating significant traffic, choose your URLs wisely.


- **Troubleshooting Facebook Issues:**

   - On a computer, perform a hard refresh (Shift+F5 on Windows, CTRL+F5 on Mac) and then repost the links.

   - On the mobile app, close and reopen the app before reposting the image link.


- **Deleting Image Links:** To delete an image link from a post, paste the link into your post, wait for the image to appear, then delete the link and write a catchy post title.


- **Crafting Descriptions:** Use engaging and catchy descriptions below your images on social media platforms to attract more clicks. A compelling description can significantly increase your traffic and earnings from Piclinks.


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