How to Advertise on WhatsApp Business ?

Learn how to configure WhatsApp Business click campaigns and connect your brand to millions of users. 

How to advertise on WhatsApp Business How to advertise on WhatsApp Business

What is WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp Business is a WhatsApp platform specially developed for small and medium-sized businesses. More than 60 thousand messages are sent daily via WhatsApp. That’s why Facebook developed this business-oriented version: customers are on WhatsApp, businesses must be too.

In this way, WhatsApp has positioned itself as one of the means to carry out conversational strategies for the acquisition and retention of users. 

How to take advantage of WhatsApp Business? 

Some benefits you can get from using WhatsApp Business: 

  • You will develop a deeper relationship with your clients 
  • You will have higher conversion rates
  • You can get benefits at a low marketing investment
  • You will have better sales, due to the proximity that working with a conversational tool produces.

How to sell on WhatsApp Business?

You can sell on WhatsApp Business by creating advertisements directed to the platform, what you must do is create click ads or Click-to-WhatsApp ads. 

These are similar to another type of advertising available on Facebook called Click-to-Messenger. 

Facebook conversations ads are one of the best tools you can apply to combine with automations available on the platform. 

These ads differ from more traditional advertisements in that they do not direct users to a landing page or a tedious form, but rather directly initiate the conversation with them. 

Combining this tool with a chatbot that captures and redirects leads to the corresponding department, will boost your conversion to customers like never before. 

Sirena offers you to configure your WhatsApp Business account to streamline your processes, along with the integration of a chatbot so that your conversations continue even outside working hours. You will be able to serve many more people with less effort. 

With this tool you can use the Facebook ads platform so that people contact you through WhatsApp. Some things to keep in mind to carry out this type of advertising: 

  • The displayed ad will have a call to action that, once the user clicks on it, will start the WhatsApp conversation. 
  • You must connect your WhatsApp line to Facebook to be able to configure the advertisements from the WhatsApp Business app . 
  • The advertisements may be shown in: Facebook Marketplace, the Facebook feed, the Instagram feed and the search section; finally, both on Facebook and Instagram stories.  

What are the campaign goals of WhatsApp?

Before setting up your Click-to-WhatsApp campaigns, you must first define some of the marketing objectives offered by the advertising manager. These objectives are divided into three groups according to the status of customers in a marketing funnel:


Here you will be able to choose by a Brand Awareness objective or brand awareness or by a scope objective. 

Brand Awareness will be useful in the event that you need more people to be able to become aware of the existence of your brand and so that it is present in the minds of your users / customers.  

Outreach objectives will simply serve to reach more people. 


For the consideration stage WhatsApp offers a wide variety of objectives. You can direct your campaign according to a goal of traffic, engagement, application installation, video playback, lead generation or messages. 

The objective of messages will be the simplest and related to the WhatsApp platform, since it simply aims for users to start a conversation with your company. 

If you have a technological product such as an application, you will see more benefit from the implementation of the objective of the app installation or engagement. 


This will focus your campaign on finding people who are more likely to convert. To achieve this you have three objectives available: Conversions, sales catalog, visits to the store. 

You will need to choose one of these particular goals before sitting down to set up your WhatsApp campaign. 

Step by step how to create advertisements with WhatsApp Business

From the ad manager go to the “Create ads” tool and choose your goal. 

Steps for Ads with Brand Awareness, Engagement, or Video Playback purposes: 

  • 1. Choose the type of campaign and press the Next button. 

Step 2

  • 2. Select the audience, geographic location, the campaign budget and the campaign calendar. Click Next to continue. 


  • 3. Add your website URL in Links. 
  • 4. To configure the call to action or Call to action, choose “Send WhatsApp message”. 
    select whatsapp
  • 5. Remember to have a page that has your WhatsApp number associated with it since you must choose it here in the drop-down menu. call to action whatsapp
  • 6. Post your ad. 

Steps to create ads targeting Traffic, Conversions, or Messages

  • 1. Select the type of campaign you want.

    Step 2
  • 2. In Type of advertisement you must choose “Click to send message” and select WhatsApp.

    select whatsapp
  • 3. Then select your audience, geographic location and calendar and click Next.
    budget and schedule


  • 4. Choose the ad format and finish the setup. 
  • 5. Click Create to proceed with the process. And save the preferences you have selected to finish. 
  • 6. Post the ad. 

Regardless of the advertisements you make through the Facebook platform, we recommend that you place custom buttons on your pages and websites so that your communication channel has greater visibility and accessibility.


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