How to arouse sympathy for yourself: 4 psychological techniques


You must give your full attention to the person you are talking to. First, get rid of distractions, such as the phone. Second, try to share with the person their emotional state. For example, if he is happy, be happy with him, when he is sad - calmly support.



People hoping to enter the circle of trust, make a lot of compliments. But are they effective? Remarks about appearance and behavior are almost meaningless, because it's banal.


Another thing - compliments that get right to the soul of the person.


You can praise the mentality of the interlocutor, his tastes and preferences, character. After all, unlike the appearance, this he created himself, through his own experience, and this is the most valuable thing he has.



All people are narcissistic to a certain extent. Even characters with low self-esteem want to be imitated. When talking, try to analyze the person's behavior, gestures and facial expressions to behave identically.


If your interlocutor has his leg over his leg, do the same. If he likes to gesticulate, try to repeat it. Such behavior is subconsciously regarded as friendly, non-threatening.


Especially this method can be useful during negotiations, because the person is unlikely to pay attention to such a technique.


Uniform Opinion

All people want to be understood, to have someone share their tastes and views. Give your interlocutor this to gain favor. All you have to do is convince the person that you understand him from half a word. As no one else in his environment.


During the conversation agree with him, share his opinion on different things. In general, emphasize your similarities and ignore the differences. If you learn how to read a person correctly, you can easily achieve an arrangement with the help of this technique.


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