How to avoid diseases like piles, fistula and fissure ??

In todays world people are too much attracted to eating spicy and junk food. And since everybody is into some business or job so nobody actually bothers to cook their own food regularly and eat . Everybody orders food from outside and they usually eat junk food regularly. As a result of which they do not get a clean bowel movement. They suffer from constipation in the long run. So this long standing constipation can actually  lead to diseases like piles, fissure and fistula. These are very irritating as well as painful diseases which needs to be takewn care of from day 1.

So how can you prevent such diseases?

At first you have to avoid outside food or junk food. You have to cook for yourself at home or have some very good cook who can actually cook in a healthy way and not just delicious way. You need to have fibre and roughage producing food in your diet. You have to eat in regular interval and have to drink a lot of water or healthy fluid. 

First of all you have to have fruits like banana and lemon and guava in your diet. you can have any fruit in your diet. you need to have a lot of green vegetables either in the form curry or boiled form. You have to use very limited spice in your cooking process. Less oil,  sugar and salt has to be used while cooking. Many people eat lots of food in very short time. You need to chew your food very nicely and eat very slowly. This is very essential for good digestion. if your digestion is proper then you can have a clean stomach also. 

You need to prevent constipation. If you face constipation then please do not wait. Try using home remedies from elders or experienced person. Try having papaya, banana and curd regularly. There are many other food items which are very cheap and easily available in the market. these are safe for eating also.

So try those solutions to get rid of your constipation. In case you cannot stop contipstion then you need to visit a professional. People do not try to stop constipation from the basic stage because they think that its natural. But this primary constipation can lead to very acute diseaees like piles, fissure and fistula which are very very irritating and painfuul diseases. So from the very basic stage try to follow a good healthy food habit in order to prevent constipation. 

In case you cannot get rid of constipation then try to consult a good dietician or professional who can give you food chart or supplementary or fluids that could prevent constoipation. its always better to follow natural way oif preventing constipation buut you can also do both the treatment side by side. The point is that in no basis you should constpate.

Avoid a lifestyle that could also trigger constipation like eating at odd hours, not taking water oiften, not giving proper gap between two consequent meal etc. You also need to have proper sleeping hours regularly. This things has to be followed in order to avoid diseses like piles, fissure and fistula.  


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