How to be an event manager?

What is event management?

Event management refers to managing and planning events.

These events can be fashion shows, birthday parties, etc.

It is not just merely decorating the stage or making arrangements for guests but something a lot more than that. Event management deals with planning organizing and even advertising an event while managing the finances.

Event management is a very creative yet challenging field because it is not easy for one person to handle everything. You will need a lot of practice and hard work to do so.

It is a very rewarding field too as once you enter it the door to the world of opportunities gets opened for you.


It is a flourishing field and has a lot of scopes It provides a lot of opportunities, the average salary package can range between INR 1,00,000 to 10,00,00,000.


To be an event manager you need to have the following qualifications.

1 . 10 + 2 from a reputed or a recognized board.

2 A Bachelor’s degree in commerce or a BBA in event management.

3 An MBA in event management is a great option. You can even do a postgraduate diploma or a diploma in event management.


You will get the following opportunities in this field:

1. Wedding planners

2. Fashion show organizer

3. Corporate event planners.

4. Concert organiser

5. Baby showers.

6. Seminars.

7. Award shows.

8. Beach parties.

9. Dance parties and many other events.

How to become an event manager after completing your 12th?

You can pursue undergraduate degrees like BBA in event management or a BCom with advertising or a BCom with marketing will also be fine.

Later you can pursue an MBA in event management for better opportunities or you can pursue a post-graduate diploma in it. An MBA is of 2 year duration while a diploma has only a one-year duration.

A tip

While pursuing your under graduation you can take a one-year diploma in event management so when you pursue post-graduation you will have an advantage.

What skills do you need to possess to be a good event manager?

1. Communication: It is the most important skill which is required in every field you go. Not only verbal communication but your nonverbal communication or body language matters a lot too.

2. Creative thinking: You need to be creative as every now and then you will have to come up with something new and unique.

3. Cooperation: You need to be cooperative and learn to work in a team. You will have to cooperate with the client and work as per his demands with your team.

4. Money management: You will need to understand that even if it's a big company you are working for organizing an event for, you can’t spend lavishly. You will have to make a budget and work according to it.

5. Problem-solving: This is the most important skill that you will require if you want to enter this field. You must focus on the solution and not the problem to solve it.

6. Networking: You will have to create great connections with caterers, florists, and various other people and suppliers who provide you with the resources to arrange a great event.


 What are the best event management institutes in India?

1.     NEAMD:  Itis located in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Delhi, and Jaipur. It helps you to pursue diploma , BBA, MBA, DEM, and PGDEM in event management. It also provides placements and internships. For more information, you can visit their official website.

2.     Auro university: It is located in Surat, Gujarat. It is a private university and helps you to pursue a BBA or an MBA in event management.

3.     IIM Indore: It is an excellent place to pursue event management. It provides you with tons of opportunities and exposure.


Which MBAs are best for event management?

1.     MBA in event management and PR.

2.     Mba in tourism management.

3.     MBA in tourism and event management.


Which countries are best to pursue an MBA in event management?

Here, is a list of countries that provide great opportunities to pursue event management:

1.     Germany

2.     USA

3.     Canada

4.     Finland

5.     Denmark

6.     Noway

7.     India


Best event management companies in India.

1. Cox and kings

2. Wizcraft International Events.

3. Luxury event management

4.360 degrees

So, this is the entire road map to becoming a successful event manager. I can see you as a successful event manager or running a successful event management company.

I hope you achieve your goals soon and become a renowned person in your respective field.


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