How to become a good programmer.

In this time, technology is very high. All types of work are success with the help of technology. So today, I'm telling you about how to be a good programmer? Many people wants to become programmer but they don't know that how can they be a successful programmer.

Many peoples confused in programmer or software developer. The second name of a programmer is software developer or engineer.

Computers science give you a chance to be a programmer. Computer science is abery fast growing field. It is focous on ise of such programming language like java, python, cobol, javascript etc. 

Who is programmer?

A person who write a code on his computer and change that code into a program or software is called programmer. He give a look to the code which helps us in  many ways. We can also known it as software developer.

In this time programming is most important for youngsters to make their carrier in it(information technology) sector. They anyone interested in computers then i recommend him to learn programming. If you do such, you can earn monthly in lakhs. You can take admission in of Technology) to be a developer. You can also admit in bca(Bachlor of Computer Applications). 

Be a good programmer 

For become a good programmer, you must need to understand the concepts of programming language. First of all your doubts should be clear and every logic of programming is set in you mind. 

With the help of following steps you can be a good programmer:

1. Learn C or C++

C is a general purposes programming language. C is developed by dennish ritchi in 1972 at AT&T bell laboratory USA. 

C is also known as mother language. First af all, you must need to learn C language because many concepts of others programming languages are followed C language's concepts. 

If you learn programming in any college, first of all the taught you C language. Because C is mother language of other languages. In this time many companies also hire programmers who is expert in C language because it's concepts are matched with all new programming language. 

C++ is also most important for be a programmer. It helps to make games etc. It's concepts are matched with high level languages like Java, COBOL, Net beans etc. You muct be expert in C++ to make carrier in programming. 

2. More Practice 

Programming need practice. Ye it's true. Every work needs pratice. Without practice you can not be good in that field in which you want to be. 

To become a successful programmer you need of practice. If you learn programming this time so you need practice and practical. Write codes by hand and then run that code on your computer. It makes your programming concepts strong and clear your all doubts. So you must need of practice, practice & practice. 

3. Write code itself, not a assignment 

Many people look assignment and then they write that assignment in his system and then run the code and be happy, but  by only complete a assignment, you cannot be a good programmer. To become a good programmer you need to write codes itself and  run it on your Pc. If you do such you may be a good programmer and be successful in your life.

A assignment can not give you a better skills. It is only for tell you the concepts of programming and make your intreste in programming. If you can able to write a code itself then nobody rejected you from the job and you can make its own app and earn in lakhs monthly.

4. Write code above three times or more


Writing is make a huge role in programming field. You must need write a code at least three times or  more. By doing such your skill will improve and you can write a better code by following this step. This step also means practice, yes, practice makes you strong and gives you power of thing high and make a great code. Suppose that you write a code once and you need to more improvements in it the. write code again. In second time your mind make a new idea of make your code interesting. So you write your code at least three time.


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