How to become photogenic and look good in photos

Photographs and selfies for the modern man are analogous to a personal "chronicle" - a chronicle in which the smallest details of life are scrupulously recorded. However, the love of photo art is often overshadowed by a lack of photogenicity. How to be? Photography, like any other business, has its pitfalls and secrets.

Before a professional photo shoot, especially if it is the first time, many people experience anxiety, which can cause unsuccessful photos.

An experienced photographer will always find a rapport with you and try to conduct the photo session in a positive environment. He will definitely help you with posing and other things, so it is worth getting acquainted with the photographer in advance and even tell him about the flaws in your appearance, which worries you.

The owner of the photo studio, photographer Ivan Poznyak, shares his experience: "You want natural photos? Then don't forget to keep moving while taking pictures, change your posture, work your shoulders, torso, head, shift your body weight from one leg to the other. Then the photographer will choose the best shots.

Let's listen to the advice of professionals that is equally important for studio and amateur photography.  How can you achieve a slim and stately figure in your pictures?

Photographing sideways do not press your arms against your body-otherwise even a slim forearm will look flattened in the picture. By the way, arms pressed to the body, in addition, from any angle will make invisible the waist, which visually expand the figure.

Watch your feet - pull the toe. This will not only lengthen the legs, but also give them grace.

Don't point your knees toward the camera - unless you want your legs to appear fatter than they are.  

When posing, there are often problems with the positioning of the arms. Photographers recommend leaving one hand at your waist and putting the other hand down in front of your leg. Arms crossed under the chest are also a good option. But both hands should be in the frame, pointing them sideways to the camera.

The back should be straight and shoulders should be straightened, because this position will make the model look tall and slender.

When shooting portraits interesting shots can be achieved by placing the hands near the face.

And here are tips to help you "make" your face.

The muscles of the face should be relaxed, and the eyes should be squinted - this will give them expressiveness. The main thing here is not to overdo it and remember that the squint must be light.

It's better to look above the lens, then it will look a little mysterious and thoughtful.

Do not lower your head too low, as this can lead to a double chin.

To avoid making the nose look big, it can be corrected with foundation before taking the picture.  

"Apply a darker shade on the wings and sides of the nose, and lighter on top, make a shading for a smooth transition of color. And it is better to be photographed in the face, - advises the stylist and makeup artist Isolde Krichinskaya. - Girls must always wear makeup before the photo shoot, because it will help to hide minor flaws and accentuate the advantages. For example, the lipstick in light colors will visually make your lips look bigger, while dark colors will reduce them.

And another tip for girls. A tall hairstyle increases the size of the head, while loose hair can adorn any model.

Human faces are asymmetrical by nature. To compensate for this difference when taking pictures, you should find your own angle. Practice tilting your head to one side or the other, turning your head in front of the mirror - that way you'll find the optimal position to be photogenic.


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