How to become popular in TikTok: 12 simple tips

1. Make your profile more attractive.

If someone likes one of your videos, they're likely to go to your profile to learn more about you. And whether or not they like what they see will determine whether or not you get a new subscriber. To make your profile more attractive, choose a catchy nickname and a cool avatar or, better yet, a video version. Include a brief description of yourself and your interests, as well as a call to like and subscribe. 

2. Involve your friends.

If you haven't already done so, be sure to invite your friends and acquaintances to TikTok. Show them a few videos and invite them to subscribe to your profile. This will be a small audience, but don't let it go to waste.

3. Subscribe to other users

Like other social networks, TikTok has reciprocal followering, which is a great way to get new followers in the beginning. Browse the feed and subscribe to users you like. There's a good chance many of them will respond in kind.

4. actively commenting

Another good way to engage your audience. When you see an interesting comment, many people go to the author's profile out of curiosity and often subscribe if they like it. For maximum effect, leave witty remarks under videos of popular bloggers, topical Challenges, and other content that's trending right now.

5. Announce videos on other social networks

Besides TikTok, you have other social networks that probably have more followers. Use that to attract a new audience! Publish video announcements on Instagram, on YouTube, and invite users to view the new TikTok video, rate it, and subscribe to your profile.

You'll have to do your best to create intrigue and make people want to click the link, since people aren't very willing to switch to new platforms. Nevertheless, although the method is not very fast, but it works.

6. Publish interesting content

Content is what people come to social networks for. And the main key to success lies in it. Just do something interesting, and the likes and followers won't be long in coming. To get in on the recommendations and expand your potential audience, make emotional videos that users will want to share with others. Come up with original ideas or reimagine popular videos with something of your own.

7. Take quality pictures

Some users don't bother filming at all, but that's wrong. Spontaneous videos rarely make it to the top - they're usually the result of painstaking, well-planned work. It's just that some people do it on a subconscious level, while others don't give it much thought.

1. Choose the right place to shoot and the appropriate backdrop.

2. Use a good camera, tripod and light.

3. Unless it's part of the idea, be sure to clean up and dress nicely.

4. Sketch a script and rehearse before recording.

5. Select music from your official library - preferably a new track.

8. Use hashtags correctly

On many social networks, hashtags are one of the most useful and accessible tools for attracting new audiences, and TikTok is no exception. By using relevant tags, you can increase your audience reach and gain new subscribers. Take hashtags from the list of popular hashtags in the search tab, check out users with similar content, use the names of new songs, challenges, and anything else that's currently on your radar.

9. Analyze the response

Working with statistics and analysis is also very important for increasing the number of subscribers. Not all videos get the same number of likes. Your job is to figure out why this is the case and fix it with analysis.

Check which videos are in demand with your audience and TikTok users in general. Learn from your mistakes and try to focus more on that kind of content in the future. And for topics that don't take off, just don't waste your time.

10. Record duets with other users

Duets are another opportunity to engage your audience for free with minimal effort. Use popular videos and record reactions to them, remembering to put in the right hashtags. Some creative ticktockers even manage to make their duets more viewable than the original videos.

11. Run contests.

A win-win, but no longer free, promotion option that works with all social networks, including TikTok. Everyone loves getting gifts, especially when all you have to do is like and subscribe.

Choose a headphone, smartphone, or other prize depending on your budget, and tell your followers that you'll give it away to everyone who likes and subscribes to your account within a given period of time.

12. Buy ads from popular bloggers

Almost all users with a large number of subscribers sell ads. You can search for accounts with the right audience and ask the owners of these pages to promote you for money. Depending on the number of subscribers the price of advertising varies, but it is not necessary to attract top bloggers - large ones will be enough.

Before you buy ads, post some cool clips to get users interested in following the link to your profile. A good solution would also be to combine paying for promotion with holding a contest - this will give even more effect.


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