How to boil potatoes quickly. Helpful tips

Have you ever been in the mood for a quick lunch or dinner, and then remembered that it takes 30-40 minutes for the potatoes? If you've been in this situation more than once, when you need to save as much time as possible, then a few ideas on how to boil potatoes quickly will come in handy. Nothing complicated, it's just worth using some of the tips or using a kitchen technique. But first things first.

How you can speed up the process of cooking potatoes

To begin, let's take a brief look at the easiest ideas to help reduce cooking time by 5-10 minutes.


Leaflet 1: Fill potatoes with boiling water


You can bring the water to a boil in a separate pot while you peel the potatoes or in an electric kettle. Boiling water will not only speed up boiling time, but it will also help preserve the vitamins, trace elements and everything that boiled potatoes are good for. But most importantly, it will definitely save 10 minutes.

Life Facts 2: Cooking in a Multicooker


If you have a multicooker on hand, especially one with a pressure cooker function, be sure to trust this process to it. Put the potatoes in a bowl, pour boiling water over them, and cook on the "Soup" mode. You will definitely save 5 minutes, and about 5 minutes more since you won't be watching the process.


Steaming potatoes is also a good idea. Pour boiling water into a bowl, set a tray, and turn on the "Steam" mode.


Leaflet 3: Use a plastic bag


This method is suitable for cooking in a microwave oven. It is better to take the bag that is designed for baking. Just place the potatoes in the bag and cook for 7-10 minutes until soft.


We'll talk about a few more ways to boil potatoes quickly in the microwave a little later.


Lifehack 4: Stab the potatoes with toothpicks


Especially this tip applies to cooking in the jacket, that is, in the peel. A washed potato should be pierced in several places with a toothpick so that it boils and cooks faster. Don't use a fork or knife, the punctures will be too big and then the potatoes may be too watery.


These are the simple 4 ways to boil potatoes quickly if time is tight. Although you can use them every time you plan to cook potatoes, because it is really  very convenient.


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