How to Break WiFi Without an Application, Know the Password Quickly and Easily!

1. How to break into WiFi without an application on an Android phone (IP Address)

he first way that people often do to break into a password- protected WiFi without an application is to use the IP Address setting .

This way of seeing a locked WiFi password usually works to break, which as Jaka mentioned above is widely available in public places around you.Well, for how to break into without an application on an Android cellphone, you can follow the steps below.

  1. Connect to the Network, usually labeled Speedy [email protected] or the like.
  2. Select a WiFi network, then select the Modify Network Configuration option .
  3. Change the IP Address to , then tap Save .
  4. Open a browser , enter the address to open the WiFi modem settings.
  5. On the login page , enter your username and password with the ADMIN or USER options .
  6. Select the Settings > WiFi option .
  7. Look for the SSID Name and SSID Passphrase to find out the username and password .


Very easy, right? In addition to, you can also try how to break into neighboring WiFi via HP with this method. It's just that this method doesn't necessarily work, does it!

2. How to Hack WiFi Without an Application on a Laptop (Command Prompt)

Meanwhile, for laptop users who want to connect to a WiFi network, there is also a way to break into the WPA2 WiFi password so you can find out the password , here!

Here you only need to use the CMD or Command Prompt application which Jaka is sure is already on your laptop using Windows OS .

For how to break into WiFi with a laptop without an application using CMD, you can follow it in full as follows.

  1. Press the Windows key + R combination to open the Run window .
  2. Type cmd and press Enter to open the Command Prompt application .
  3. Enter the command netsh wlan show profile [WiFi Name] key=clear and press Enter .
  4. Check the Key Content section to find out the desired WiFi password .

3. How to Hack WiFi via Network and Internet Menu

In addition to using the guide above, it turns out that you can also break into WiFi via the Network and Internet menu in the Control Panel, you know. Curious? Here are the steps.


  1. Open Control Panel, look for Network and Internet menu .
  2. Tap the Network and Sharing Center menu .
  3. In the new window, hit the Manage Wireless Networks option .
  4. Select the WiFi network that you want to hack.
  5. Press the Wireless Properties tab , select Security .
  6. The WiFi password is located in the Network Security Key . To see it, check the Show Characters section .

Bonus: How to Find IndiHome WiFi Password

In addition to the two methods above, there are still many ways to break into WiFi with a cellphone without root or with a laptop. In fact, you can also find out the Indihome WiFi password!


Well, for those of you who can't wait to know how to break into WiFi Indihome , you can immediately see the full explanation in the article below!


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