How to calm your nerves and lift your spirits with hot water

Hot water treatments that are available to everyone can help calm you down and lift your spirits.

To get rid of nervous tension, you do not need to buy expensive pills and make an appointment with a psychiatrist. Chinese medicine has an effective remedy to combat stress - regular hot water.

3 ways to lift your spirits with hot water: 1. Hot Tub. Helps not only to relax, but also removes fatigue, activates blood circulation in the body and in the brain. This treatment helps to prevent diabetes, eliminates toxins, cleanses the skin, improves blood circulation, relaxes the muscles, calms the nerves, and helps fight stress and depression. Ideally, a bath should be about 20 minutes at a temperature of 41 - 42°C. But it is difficult to do this immediately, so the time should be increased gradually, starting with 2.5 minutes, up to five times a week.

2. Foot baths This pleasant and, by the way, more economical in terms of hot water consumption regulates the work of internal organs. A Chinese wisdom says: "Take care of the tree's roots and the man's feet. The energy of Qi, which increases due to better blood circulation, has a positive effect on general health and improves your mood. Duration of foot baths about 20 to 30 minutes, it is best to do them every other day, in the evenings. The water temperature should not exceed 43 degrees. During the procedure dilates blood vessels, increases blood circulation and cell renewal process. Foot baths effectively help to relieve fatigue and stress accumulated during the day.

3. Hot Drinking A glass of hot water is just as useful as a bath or foot bath! It can also help speed up circulation, relieve fatigue, and warm the body from the inside out. The Chinese have been using hot water as a cure for many ailments for thousands of years.


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