How To Clean Disgusting Carpet

How To Clean Disgusting Carpet

Many people believe that the dirtiest place on earth is the mouth of a dog until they have to learn how to clean disgusting carpet. Carpets play a big role in our society today. We sit on them, walk on them with all kinds of smelly feet, spill liquids that we can’t pronounce and do all kinds of things to carpets - if only they could talk. 


Dirty carpets have been used in court because the evidence from some decades ago is still on it. As much as this is a good thing, carpets are notorious for three main health problems.


Here are the health problems you can expect if you continue entertaining a dirty carpet:

  • That your skin will become infected

  • Your immune system will stop working properly

  • You will develop with your breathing

Skin Infection

Dirty carpets are contributors to illnesses like athlete’s foot. The carpet acts as an accommodating habitat to bacteria and other micro living organisms that carry infections. We are fond of walking around on a carpet barefoot and this makes us very vulnerable to these parasites. 


The spread of the infection will happen without us having the slightest clue. First, a bacteria will lurch on to our foot. They will choose a soft spot and make a huge bite or several. The sensation makes us want to scratch ourselves because of the itch. We may feel good as we scratch away at our big toe but the bacteria jumps on to our fingers. 


We then scratch our head and the microparasite entires our head. Then complications begin and it was all started by having a dirty carpet. The bacteria will spread all over and that is the reason sometimes we feel the itching sensation simultaneously on different parts of our body.


If we happen to have open wounds on our feet then the infection will take a very short time before we become critically ill. The process described above will take a much longer time but by then the doctors will admit that it is too late.


Compromised Immune System

There is good bacteria and bad bacteria. Dirty carpets carry an infestation of really bad bacteria. Our bodies produce good bacteria to fight off bad ones. 


Dirty carpets are infested with mold and some types of mold are a threat to our immune system. Their main purpose is to weaken the good bacteria and by doing so they eliminate our body defense mechanisms. 


With no defense, any disease and infection can knock us dead. The problem is that dirty carpets cause illnesses that advance to the point of being non-curable. Instead of wasting money on an incurable disease, why not just prevent it in the first place by cleaning that disgusting carpet. 


Breathing problems

If you just tap onto a disgusting dirty carpet, you will notice dust rising up in the air. This is a dangerous dust that carries microbes. Some of these bacteria can cause asthma. 


The infectious dust on our disgusting carpets is loose and will be raised on the slightest touch. We do this by walking and other activities we carry on on a carpet. 


When we breathe in this dust, it settles on our breathing system. This results in severe internal respiratory related diseases. The temporary irritation we immediately get is just the start to a life long breathing illness.


There are small animals that love this dirty carpet environment and mites enjoy this environment of filth and disgust. Mites are dangerous whether alive or dead. Dead mites are deadly to our skins and respiratory organs. The most visible symptom is the appearance of rashes but coming in contact with dust mites can lead to internal bleeding and much more worse.


It is essential to understand how a clean carpet can save us from painful lifelong diseases. Therefore it is vital to know how to clean a disgusting carpet Below are some directions on how to go about carpet cleaning:


  • Get all the items you will need. This includes washing uniform if you do not want to get wet. Then the detergent, brushes, a broom and several buckets of water.

  • Get a bucket filled with hot water. The bucket should fit the size of the carpet. Add strong and effective detergent into the very hot water. Then sweep clean the carpet using the broom. This is to remove the loose visible dirt. 

  • Lay out the carpet on a flat surface that is slightly slanted to allow the water to flow in one direction. 

  • Wet the whole carpet with the hot water and use a hard brush to thoroughly scrub every inch of the surface.

  • You will need at least four other buckets laced with the same effective detergent. Use hydrogen peroxide for better results because this will remove all the stubborn stains.

  • Use the water as you scrub and rinse three times with cold water. Use clean water each time you do the rinsing. This is basically running clean water through the carpet after scrubbing until the water that comes out is cleaner looking.

  • Suspend the carpet somewhere you can access all sides and then do a light brush through as you run water through it.

  • Then hang it out to dry for maybe 12 hours or more.


Your carpet is now almost brand new, from the appearance and great smell. Disgusting carpets can be cleaned in various ways. The outlined method above is a traditional approach to cleaning a carpet. 


Modern ways include:

  • The use of a bonnet. This is where you fist vacuum a disgusting carpet and then spray cleaning chemicals. These are given some time to sink into the carpet. After that the device for absorbing the solvent.

  •  Wet clean. Here your carpet will get sprayed with chemicals that dissolve the hard dirt and then treated with water under pressure. This is then vacuumed clean. 

These are the advantages of going the modern way: 

  • They clean thoroughly and effectively.

  • These are popular methods that are widely preferred in the cleaning industry.

  • The carpet makers recommend these modern cleaning methods and they design their products to take advantage of the methods.

  • They are cheaper.


In conclusion

There are many variants of a disgusting carpet. It can be a filthy carpet that has not seen water for a very long time or someone vomited on a small part of the carpet. 


Cleaning disgusting carpets is an expensive affair depending on where you are getting the services from. The best thing is that you can clean your carpet yourself because no skills are required to clean out physical disgust. 


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