How to clean house, how to everyday clean house

Discussions of Modi ji's cleanliness campaign are all around these days. The environment around us is very important to be clean, cleanliness should be there both inside and outside the house. Narendra Modi ji is making everyone aware to take part in Swachh Bharat Abhiyan nowadays, he wants our country to be clean and beautiful like our home. Those people who are conscious about the cleanliness of their house, they also consider the cleanliness of the environment outside their house very important. If you want to give the knowledge of cleanliness to your child, then start it with the cleanliness of the house, teach them from childhood to take care of cleanliness in the house and to keep things organized.

By the way, the responsibility of cleanliness in the house is mainly on the women of the house. They are considered responsible for decorating the house, keeping it clean. Cleaning the household chores is easier for a housewife than for working women. The entire attention of the housewife is on her family, so that she can easily work on time. But many times women get stuck in other tasks and put aside important work like cleaning, and then cry that there is no time. Nowadays smart woman is the one who can handle the work outside her home very well. Whether it is home shopping, cooking, teaching children or cleaning the house, everything should be on time and perfect, only then you will come in the category of smart women. So let us tell you some smart ways today, so that you can easily do the work like cleaning the house in less time, so that you can do your favorite work in the remaining time.

In most of the houses in the Indian family, daily cleaning is done by applying broom, katka. And on Diwali, every corner of the whole house is cleaned. It is foolish to leave the cleanliness for Diwali, it increases the work too much, and the filth goes on sitting. Instead of enjoying the festival during Diwali, we are engaged in cleaning work.


The responsibility of cleaning the house is not only of the women of the house, every member living in the house has full participation in it. The women of the house should distribute the cleaning responsibility among all the members.

Teach the children that after playing the toys, they should be arranged from where they were picked up.

Teach the children to set up their room, teach them to fold their clothes, adjust the book, fix the bed. Include all this in their habit, so that they do these things slowly without your speaking.

Give compliments or some gifts to the kids to motivate them to clean up, like 15 minutes extra for watching TV in the evening, extra time for sports, cooking their favorite food, ice cream, chocolate etc.

It is difficult to involve the gents of the house in the cleanliness drive, but somehow convince them. On the day of the holiday, tell them in advance that they will have to give some time for cleaning. If you work together, the work will be done faster, and you will also be able to spend extra time together.

With gents, you can change bedsheets, cushion covers, curtains, speak for dusting. Tell them to age their cupboards, papers.

In our families, there are work maids, but we are not able to get them to work properly. They come every day and go to the same place after sweeping, wiping, yet we do not see cleanliness, and even after their departure, we keep on cleaning.


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