How to conduct a dialogue with a strange girl, so that she herself wanted to ask your phone number?

1. Don't be friendly or neutral in the initial conversation, add some chutzpah

When you approach a girl you don't know, in a bar for example, it's a losing proposition to start off the conversation with a neutral or friendly tone.

If you're too friendly in the first minutes, praising her looks and generally trying to "ride her ears," she'll think you're overly obliging and gutless man. A suave guy in the eyes of women is someone who tries to be as sucky as possible to her, to be more likely to like her and not get rejected.

Except when a girl notices that a guy is trying his best to impress her, she finds herself in a superior position. She becomes in charge. She becomes the one who will decide whether or not something will happen next, whether or not she should give him her phone number, whether or not this guy can somehow interest her with his "admiration" or not.

So if you want a woman to really be interested in you, and to think of you as the man not to be missed, you need to add to your speech and behavior the most primitive "bad guy" traits that, on a biological level, most girls are most attracted to. And yes, you need to be a little brash in your conversation, but don't go overboard.

When I talk about getting a little cockier, I'm not talking about being loud or showing off or hitting on you or anything like that. I'm talking about using the right behavior and body language that will allow you to challenge her during a conversation, put some pressure on her, make her feel attracted, your masculinity, charisma, confidence and stateliness. All of these things on a biological level will start screaming to the girl that you are the boss here and she is the one who needs to make you pay attention to her.

Now let's talk about exactly how to use this chutzpah behavior with examples...

2. Most guys don't have the courage to start hitting on her during their first conversation because they're afraid to say the wrong thing and try to act as friendly as possible, hoping to get a chance with her. Except that when the dialogue with a guy seems simple, friendly to the girl, there will be no spark between them, while any other guy can "properly" chat with this same girl for a few minutes and go home with her.

Sometimes you can even see from the outside situations where an unfamiliar guy and girl get acquainted and after just a few minutes act with each other like a real couple and it's not some supernatural accident, but proper communication on the part of the man who created the spark and created the right attraction.

What's one thing to understand about this? And that any guy needs to show confidence while communicating with a girl, not to be fooled by her appearance and not to tell her how beautiful she is. On the contrary, a guy should use a little cheeky humor, be charming, charismatic, challenging and only then will the woman try to guffaw and get closer to him.

One of the easiest ways to make easy contact is to ask the girl questions and sometimes mock her answers jokinglyIf you ask the girl a simple question and keep a slightly brash pace and pressure, you will earn her favor faster.

For example:

You ask a girl a simple question, "Do you like to play sports and if so, what kind?" To this question, the girl might answer that she goes to the gym, for example.


In response, you can jokingly ridicule her by saying: "You don't look like you go to the gym, but show me your biceps.


Ask the girl to bend her biceps and touch them a little.


Then you can playfully laugh at her again and say, "Oh, you don't even have muscles. You're such a wuss, aren't you?" The girl will then laugh and try to guffaw or be jokingly offended that you're not, and maybe start touching your hands to appreciate who's trying to make fun of her. And at this point, there's actually already been a little fuzzy contact between you and the girl, you've joked and laughed and shown your slight chutzpah and declared to her that you're not like other boring guys. If you had just asked her about sports and heard the obvious answer, there would have been no banter, physical contact or light spark, you would have just asked a boring question and gotten a boring answer.


(It's important to understand that in reality, questions and answers can be completely different, I'm just showing a real life example of how a little spark can be made out of simple dialogue in the moment of conversation using just a drop of chutzpah)

You don't have to be serious about everything you say to a woman or what a woman says to you. Sometimes you can tease her, sometimes you can make your point, you can make her laugh, playfully


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