How to cook a cupcake in a mug in 5 minutes

Today I will reveal the secret of how to cook a quick cupcake in a mug. To do this, we need a mug or a cup that can be heated in the microwave. The power of the furnace should be at the maximum.



Wheat flour - 4 tablespoons

Sugar - 3 tablespoons

Cocoa - 2 tablespoons

Chicken eggs - 1 Piece

Milk - 3 tablespoons

Butter - 3 tablespoons (vegetable)

Soda - 1 Pinch

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Step 1


Combine all the ingredients: sugar and eggs, flour, cocoa, milk and butter. Whisk-mix them in a deep bowl. It is not necessary to beat in a mug, so as not to spill. Pour the soda on the tip of the knife.

Step 2


  • Pour the finished dough into a mug, put our future cupcake in the microwave for 4 minutes (from 3 to 5). I chose 800 power. The cupcake is ready! We eat it with pleasure! 


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