How to cook a hamburger

Cooking instructions

1 hour

Let's begin. First, soak the dried onions. Just fill it with a glass of clean cold water. Ideally, the onion should soak for at least 3 hours (this was the standard at Mac), but you can also do it for an hour, but not less. If you do not want to wait, you can pour boiling water over them. This way it will swell up much faster.


2. While our onion is "recovering", let's move on to the beef. Lean beef should be turned through a meat grinder with the addition of butter. This is needed in order not to add sunflower oil when frying, and fry on a bare frying pan. If the mince turned out to be coarse, but twist it again. IMPORTANT!!! In no case do not add to the mince neither onions, nor bread, nor milk - it will turn out quite different. Divide the forcemeat into five cutlets to the size of the buns. The thinner the cutlet, the better. If you get more meatballs - no problem, put the excess in the freezer.


3) Cut the cucumber into thin round slices. If the onion has recovered, we pour out the rest of the water and you can move on to frying the buns.


4. You can buy buns with sesame seeds or without. Cut them in half and fry the cut side of each half until caramelized (until a crispy, thin crust appears). The heat should be medium. Preferably, you should fry 1 bun and 1 patty for each burger, not all the buns and all the meat at once. It will be juicier this way.


5. 5. Let's put the ready buns aside and move on to the meat. Heat a frying pan to a high temperature. We put cutlets on it and we fry each side for 1-2 minutes (it can be more, if your cutlets are thicker than in Mac). Do not overdo it, the cutlets should be juicy, not dried out. After you have fried the second side, sprinkle salt and pepper to taste from the salt and pepper.


6. Taking the fried top of the bun, flip it over. Drop mustard and ketchup on it to taste. Next we put a generous pinch of reconstituted onion, cucumber 2 or 3 slices at a time. If it's a cheeseburger, we put a slice of cheese. We cover the whole thing with a patty and a half of a bun. We turn it over and eat). Enjoy!


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