How to cook a juicy steak at home

On the surface it looks simple enough, but in reality it is much more difficult. The salt in how to cook steak is in the details. 


What mistakes can you make? First, defrosting the meat in a hurry, at a high temperature. Second, beat the meat and break the texture. Third, grease the pan with oil and forget about the meat; the pan does not need oil. Fourth, overcook the steak, turning the tender, juicy beef into a dry, fibrous steak.



1.Defrosting the meat. Under no circumstances should you defrost steak meat in the microwave - it will start to cook right there. Its center will remain raw, and the edges will be slightly cooked. This makes it more difficult to control the cooking process. It is also not recommended to defrost meat at room temperature - it will drip, and steaks will come out dry. The best fast option is to put it in cold water in a vacuum pack. 



Preparing the meat. Around the perimeter (fat layer) of the steak should be well seasoned with pepper (preferably - coarse medium grind), then salt on the flat sides. Pour the spices right away, without sparing them, and then butter the steak on all sides. No pre-beating with a hammer is required - the meat will lose structure, the juice will flow out, and instead of steak you'll get a tasteless sole. Buttering is a must: it provides better heat conduction, allowing the center to bake almost evenly with the edges. 



Cooking the meat. In a frying pan this is quite easy to do: you just need to heat it on a high heat without oil and place the meat on one side, without turning down the heat. After two and a half minutes you need to turn the meat. Then, again after two and a half minutes, flip it back over. And then one more time, also for two and a half minutes. After that the steak is ready. If there is a grill for a barbecue and a fire - beforehand meat should be locked - for half a minute on each side for formation of a crust, then from a steak the juice will not drop out.


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